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The overall plan is very close to the general plan. Two differences quite frequently : It will focus on a place like a street or a place and especially the characters will be sufficiently visible to understand their actions. The context is this time described to a human scale.

It therefore fulfils a dual function, to describe, of course, but also begin to show the action. In addition to discover the place, the decor, the atmosphere… We’ll know more about the characters : or will they, what are they doing, who are they ?

As the general plan, the overall plan is frequently used at the beginning or end of the sequence. It may be occasionally used to show action scenes limited to a few characters.

The referred recommended for a comprehensive plan is ordinary or dive.

A few examples

This plan gives us both of the descriptive information in presenting us with the scenery (The action takes place in the countryside, it is day) but also other information related to characters (we find out which characters will be present in the sequence to come, their position relative to each other).

This plan is beautiful Gattaca is very rich in meaning. The scenery presented is that of the space in which work the two protagonists. This long straight line that you see behind the two figures evokes the path followed until then. Especially, the reflections on the sides symbolize the lies of the main character (who is using the identity of another), the double game it plays every time he came out of his house. This plan, vest in the first to show us a beautiful scenery, is also intended to remind us of the complexity of the relationship between these characters who are known by the image they want to give of themselves.

This overall plan from the 3rd pane of the lord of the rings shows the character of Gandalf, riding, rush towards the city, still glowing of Minas Tirith. The weather, grey and stormy announcement of the difficult moments to live to the city.

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If you want to deepen your knowledge on this subject and develop your expertise, you can purchase the books “plans for the cinema : the big effects movie that every filmmaker needs to know” and “Carry out his films shot by shot“, which address the use of different plans for the staging and particularly the overall plan.

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