Baby Driver promised to be a movie turning fun, it is in reality an escalation of the cool attitude desired by the blockbusters of modern.

Boosted by a marketing effectiveness, only the producers are well advised to hold the secret, and by praise auctions in unison, the calls to rush to the theaters to find out ” the movie the coolest ever made” could not escape the eyes identified travellers bleary-eyed in the metropolitan. This traditional hype so had serious reasons to call for caution as to the output of the long-awaited BABY DRIVER. Thus, Edgar Wright we had a blast with his four previous films, and its clever mix of humor, lovers and a fitting cut with a knife, announced a trip to mid-way between The Driver for Walter Hill, and a nourishing pinch Tarantinesque. Alas, the viewing of BABY DRIVER is much more painful than playful.

Crushed under the weight of multiple references that spring from the way seizure of the frame, from Michael Mann to Nicolas Winding Refn, BABY DRIVER is more a film of blink of an eye sent to film buffs, but an orgy of plans, which is to confront a putassier “Charlie’s Challenge” two hours, exhausting the viewer come to seek a bit of second degree in this world. To this, Edgar Wright has chosen to establish his film as a pseudo-musical comedy of the 2000s leaning to a playlist perfectly designed for this summer season. Therefore, it is no longer a feature of entertainment of the author that takes place under our eyes unbelieving, but of a succession of menus clips MTV who are struggling to link a plot more than agreed.

Edgar Wright broke ! The positive reviews of Baby Driver

Stretched to the maximum over its length, BABY DRIVER will be finally a blockbuster as interchangeable as anecdotal of a brilliant stage director seems to be there in loss of speed in the middle of an industry that rolls up to 200 at a time. Deeply disappointing, and even unnerving, Edgar Wright is thrown headlong into a battle of one-upmanship of the cool attitude and embarks, in this sad trip, its cheap actors that it is asked to cabotiner and skidding. If Edgar Wright has indeed been right to slam the door for Marvel studios to give free rein to his creativity, he has forgotten to package with care his legendary generosity. Expressions of realization, which are always welcome, endure, but his musical career opening in nitroglycerin leaves quickly replaced with boredom. By starting on the hats of wheels, BABY DRIVER finishes in the decor. An unfortunate exit from the road.

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