[CRITICAL] 100th BIRTHDAY WISH (short film)

In 100th Birthday Wish, the abandonment does not lead to the tire-tear but a circus of bitter-sweet cries of pain muffled.

The cult of “the ancestor” has always been far more present in cultures east asian than it is in most of our present western societies – globalization to the effect a certain uniformity of manners, it is therefore no surprise to see cinema in taiwan worry about the abandonment of these customs : it is, in fact, much of that 100th BIRTHDAY WISH deals, the end of a family tradition that seems here to be seen as the loss of a social bond central.

Link Dog Hung has a paw some. We feel a love of the shift, a dark humor – if not freezing – that punctuates a story yet written to the surface of my skin. It is its simple concept, to summarize a meeting of family from the point of view of a centenary, as the film of Link removes the entire force : it does not get lost, drawing small touches to the portrait of a solitude.

In dealing with the subject of the company real property (the abandonment of the elderly), Link finds a mobile to indulge in the stuffing bitter-sweet. 100th BIRTHDAY WISH is not inherently funny, but it bothers with a lot of sarcasm. The filmmaker installs a nuisance, a contrast of emotional reformulates its bottom : one is apitoie not more on the main character that we don’t make fun of his family.

100th BIRTHDAY WISH is the story of a vow. The vow of a taboo, a solution is terrible found at the murder of the mores. If Link knows so well to film characters, this is not only because he believes in the same things as them, it is also because he knows how to shoot themselves would be filmed. It only turns ever to the pull-tear, everything here is fine, thought out, precise. A great success story.

To see the Meetings of the cinema to the taiwanese, the February 10, 2017 to 20h


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