A + A is the last film of Claude Lelouch and Lelouch, it is always an event, even though it is dealing constantly with the same subject matter : love ! We have seen in the Francophone Film Festival of Angoulême at the end of August in avant-première, in the presence of the director and his actors (Read the Master Class of Jean Dujardin).

Of course with him it was often the best (Itinerary of a spoiled child), but sometimes also the worst (Lady and Gentleman) from his last album, Bastard, we love you, hosted in a way mitigated by the public.

Performers Jean Dujardin and Elsa Zylberstein have proposed to Claude Lelouch to shoot with him. The director and co-wrote the screenplay with his partner, the writer Valérie Perrin , after this meeting, on the basis of one of his films A man who pleases me. The parentage is claimed, on the one hand with the love story on the shooting of the hero, music composer of the film, and between actors, since Jean Dujardin is taken entirely in a spiritual son of his predecessor Jean-Paul Belmondo. Here the film in the film, it is “Juliet and Romeo”, inspired by a story embodied by the real protagonists.

The adventure that promises us Claude Lelouch wants to be intimidating, aesthetically, and spiritually speaking, since it leads, in India, on the banks of the Ganges.

Could not have a child with her husband, a very loving and jealous, Anna (Elsa Zylberstein) goes “on the path to fertility”, in the meeting of Amma, a sort of living goddess filled with love that has the mystical power to heal and change the fates. It tightens the people in his arms, and this is enough to change the course of things and to make them happy. The director does not bother to worry about consistency in his scenario and accompany Anna by Antoine (Jean Dujardin), met with her husband Samuel (Christophe Lambert), Ambassador of France and suffering, appropriately, from migraine headaches since her arrival in India. Antoine, the eternal lover of Love, living with Alice (Alice Pol) , who comes to ask her to marry him, and he hesitates. Suffice to say that her meeting with Anna falls to the peak.

We tried to see in A + A a reflection on the reasons for the existence of a couple : Why does one love ? Why it does not last ? Why the marriage strike does it all ? But we do not think to much to this story of attraction stronger than reason, and in which the director sprinkles happily his little sentences on women, the boomerangs and the swallows.

“A + A is a Lelouch no surprise that aficionados will appreciate, as this is a Lelouch !”

We observe the characters but we don’t really feel much empathy for them. The film is quite playful and we won a smile from time to time – in any case in the first part, which focuses on the meeting of our two heroes and the seduction process. The actors are pretty fair ; Jean Dujardin is cabotiner to desire his character, he is friendly, funny, attractive. Elsa Zylberstein makes Anna beautiful and spiritual in every sense of the term. However, the characters played by Christophe Lambert and Alice Pol does manage to move us in their misfortune, and Venantino Venantini, accustomed to the old films of Georges Lautner, comes with large hooves in absent father Antoine.

During the second part of the film, while crossing India by train and boat and, like his two heroes, the director takes the opportunity for us to pass messages on the meaning of life, the passing of time, the power of positive thoughts, Eternity, the dialogue with the Universe… in short we had all the clichés about spirituality and India. As for the end, it is so agreed upon, and predictable !

A + A is a Lelouch who allows himself to look, no surprise. Aficionados will appreciate because it is a Lelouch !



Original title : A + A

Director : Claude Lelouch

Screenplay : Claude Lelouch, Valérie Perrin

Main actors : Jean Dujardin, Elsa Zylberstein, Christopher Lambert

Country of origin : France

Released : December 9, 2015

Duration : 1h53

Distributor : Metropolitan Filmexport

Synopsis : Antoine looks to the heroes of the films for which he composed the music. It has the charm, success, and passes through life with as much humor as for lightness. When he left in India working on a very original version of Romeo and Juliet, he meets Anna, a woman who resembles him in nothing, but which attracts them most of all. Together, they will live an incredible adventure…

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