[critical] A Bride is Not Like The Others

Shy and introverted, Lars lives alone in the renovated garage of his brother Gus and sister-in-law Karin, in a small village in the Middlewest. When he announces that he has finally met a girl on Internet and she is soon to visit him, Gus and Karin are relieved and very eager to make his acquaintance.

Their surprise is great when Lars introduces them very officially, the strange Bianca.

On the advice of their physician, Karin and Gus decide not to hit Lars and accept his friend. Bianca accompanies Lars at the dinner table, at church or at the supermarket attracting the attention and the amazement general of the village.

Author’s Note


Release Date : December 24, 2008

Directed by Craig Gillespie

Film american

With Ryan Gosling, Patricia Clarkson, Emily Mortimer

Duration : 1h 42min

Trailer :

A bride is not like the others

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A Bride is Not Like The Others is a film that is rather unnoticed in France (as most movies with Ryan Gosling !) much to the chagrin of the spectators who have missed a real success in terms of humanity and emotion.

Because if the pitch of departure strongly suggests to Monique from Valérie Guignabodet with Albert Dupontel, the result is quite different since the film of Craig Gillespie is a human drama, deep to the power of disarming. Thus, the director gives us the portrait of Lars, a young man 27 years old who is afraid of the other, a phobia that prevents it from starting would not be a friendly discussion with others. His fear of the Man to testify to an unease deep which corrodes little by little as it closes in on itself, cutting off entirely from the world and living in a garage. Only his brother and his sister-in-law, who lives in the family house located two steps from the garage are desperately trying to pull it out for this monotony is dangerous and unhealthy.

Great is their joy when Lars of their claims to high and strong that he will come to dinner tonight with his new girlfriend, Bianca. Would it finally be healed ? He finally decided to stop away and open up to the world around them ? In any case, both are moved by such a revelation that they did not believe possible. But once the curtain lifted, their joy will quickly turn into fear as to the evil that plagues this being that they love and that they cherish because Bianca is in fact an inflatable doll, living in the eyes of Lars who speaks to him without shame or embarrassment.

Begins when a great human adventure as each member of this small village of the United States takes on him and pretended nothing by talking to Bianca as if she was, as Lars thought, real. It is neither more nor less than a therapy flexible that will overcome this suffering that eats away at this young man and who prefer to lock themselves in a world almost dream-like rather than facing a daily routine that doesn’t fit him. This part of the movie will give birth to a very beautiful lesson of life moving.

But the strength of this film would not have been conceivable without the great performance of Ryan Gosling. The player still achieves a time of exploits, and proves to us that he is none other than THE top contender to succeed the old generation, Robert De Niro, Ralph Fiennes and other Sean Penn. Because each new film, the actor requires a little more talent, a chameleon and proves that he chooses meticulously roles human, the charismatic and tortured in films as diverse as Danny Balint and Half Nelson , that has earned his first nomination at the Oscars to mention that the two of them.

This provision divine in addition to a flexible pace, light which does not switch the film in tragedy pure and simple, and that refermerait doors to a certain audience and which allows at the same time the alternation between drama and comedy, for a total efficiency.

A Bride is Not Like The Others appears as a work of sincere, original, that, in order to denounce the selfishness and individualism of our society, takes as its central pillar a inflatable doll, not to directly attack the Man and pointing the finger.

The film of Craig Gillespie’s film is a rare emotional power that is puzzling to be worthy of a story novel, which offers us on a silver platter, a very beautiful lesson of life and of cinema at the same time.

A film to see if you like a little cinema authentic, which is not that of the powder in the eyes in the end.

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