[critical] A Happy Event

“She pushed me within my limits, made me overcome all my limits, I was confronted with the absolute : love, sacrifice, tenderness, abandonment. She was dislocated, transformed. Why nobody told me anything ? Why do we not speak ?”

A happy event or the intimate glimpse of motherhood, sincere and without taboos.

Author’s Note


Release Date : September 28, 2011

Directed by Rémi Bezançon

Film French

With Louise Bourgoin, Pio Marmai, Josiane Balasko

Duration : 1h 50min

Original title : A Happy Event

Trailer :

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After a previous movie (The First Day Of the Rest Of Your Life) full of emotion, Rémi Bezançon is back on the front of the stage with a new comedy-drama under the elbow, A Happy Event. Both say following, the emotion is once again at the rendez-vous

Exactly the same axis as the First Day Of the Rest Of Your Life, the director starts his film as a comedy, perky, rocking, slowly, but inevitably in the drama. The story of A Happy Event takes place with the meeting of the couple on the screen Louise Bourgoin/Pio Marmai and continue through the major steps that a couple is supposed to follow, that is to say the birth of love, the development of two, the bickering, etc, etc up to this very day, a crucial turning point in the adult life of the arrival of a child. And here it is with a stinging emotion that Rémi Bezançon moves us away from the fairy tale modern to bring us back to force a reality that is raw or that it will be difficult sometimes to leave us insensitive.

Story very realistic, therefore, A Happy Event has an argument of size, his cast. The couple on the screen works wonderfully. Although Pio Marmai be perfect in the role of this great child forced to grow up too quickly (at least in his eyes), it is above all Louise Bourgoin which amazes with a variety of emotions that one does not suspect, until now. Every corner of her life gives birth to a beautiful scene to start with a birth high in colors. This was in addition to a mise en scene very dynamic, accompanied by a soundtrack of quality.

In brief, comedy-drama perfect, A Happy Event is a very beautiful moment of emotion that, if we look at it as a couple, will remind you probably a couple of memories to some. This is the main asset of this film, Rémi Bezançon offers us a cinema that is realistic, touching, cruel, cheerful, a film made of ups and downs, a moment stolen intimate in a couple’s life is colorful. Life what !

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