UDO MOTHER tells the story of the life that leads to a strange couple who never found the right communication channel, that is mean, without respect or kindness.

There is the verbal violence, the shelling of the words, the insults, that will sometimes escalate into physical violence, there is the rejection, the loneliness, the misunderstanding, the non-so-called accumulated over the years, the excuses clumsy, attempts at forgiveness.

But above all there is suffering, and, on the other, that each one expresses with the means at his disposal.

This couple is Marie and Guillaume, a mother and her son… But this mother is not one of them, and they know all the two ; she tried to play this role but she did not believe and, therefore, has often been at the side of the plate ; it errs in its certainty, and its hubris to believe that it is not necessary for a person blind. Thus, even the doctor who is following Guillaume for his mood disorders, and behavior and that suggested to him that he consult a shrink herself, she will dare to respond with ” I you pissed off sir”.

This mother is played by Mathilde Seigner, sober and dignified, and yet we fail to believe Matilda in this role… not that his vision is blurred by the roles that she was able to take in comedies such as Camping or Bowling, as we have already seen in a more dramatic, as in Dance with him.

What prevents us really appreciate the credibility of his performance in A MOTHER, it is what under-plays or does not play ; she embodies too much of coldness, of distance, of suffering internalized, as a spectator of his own life, not involved. His game fails to move us and to make us feel an ounce of empathy.

We understand, certainly, the bias of the filmmaker , Christine Career, that is used to treat dramas of social, want to save the viewer by not showing a woman hysterical in the face of the situation, crying and torture… But this choice leaves out the feelings of this mother. We don’t complain, even when we see her cry for the first time, because we understand that it is in part responsible for the aggressiveness and violence of her son because she is failing.

The failure of the mothers and the violent response of the son is a subject which inspires the directors at this time, since The head treated too, but the mother, as portrayed by Sara Forestier was described as a small lost girl. She, at least, was alive.

Here, Mary is dead on the inside and the long dialogue –which is of little interest – with her ex – lover Pierre on the way in which she would like to die, will confirm.

There has been a database education passed on to the ado of 16 years, but with messages rather contradictory sent by Mary to William : how to demand the respect of a mother who openly told his son that he is an illiterate, a fool in half, and since the beginning it sheet its life in the air?

We know, moreover, if it follows the medical treatment that should take William, to whom the doctor recommends to motivate and channel energy of hyperactive by the sport ? And the only sport he does, that is, what are all these young misfits who find no meaning or projects in their lives: a road trip into strips in car, drugs, alcohol, guns and theft.

Guillaume is stunningly portrayed by Kacey Mottet Klein seen in the Child at the top, it pops off the screen with the sincerity of her game and inspires a lot of empathy.

“We do not emerge unscathed from this film, which deals with the “evil mother” and leaves us with a feeling of bitterness and waste.”

The decision odd of Mary to enjoy a special event in the life of his son for lying to him and away will change the game and shake up their lives ; thanks to it, everyone will finally find its proper place: that of a mother and a son.

And the metaphor of the quick walk under wind turbines is going to symbolize this journey: for the first time, Guillaume will not yield to violence and Mary will follow, its not in those of his son, at the same pace. They will be a team, offering each other the peace.

We regret the ease of the filmmaker to support his argument by an environment and living places really very glaucous, and the clothing worn by Marie antiquated and very ugly, because it is well known that poor people have no taste.

Yet this film, disturbing, has the merit to make us think, make us question, on maternity, on the role and responsibility that the company grants to mothers, on what each is capable of doing with his own baggage, his education, his errors, his doubts and his love.

It addresses a topic of particular taboo, already mentioned, in We need to talk about Kevin: one is obligated to love his children ?


• Original title : A mother

Realization : Christine Career

Scenario : Christine Career, in collaboration with Pascal Arnold

Main actors : Mathilde Seigner, Kacey Mottet Klein, Pierfrancesco Favino

Country of origin : France

Released : June 24, 2015

Duration : 1h40 min

Distributor : Les films du Losange

Synopsis : Mary lives alone with her 16 year-old son. She fights to stay standing, to get it out of the bad things, in which it is sinking. Too tired and upset to live the life of a woman, Marie is stuck between his ex still in love, and his adolescent fatal. Between them, the words are more and more evil, the love is expressed less and less well. Violence and rejection are all-pervasive. He is a bad son, it will be a bad mother. From there to think that there is no love…


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