On has seen A PROMISING START in Avant – Première at the Festival of Francophone Film of Angoulême, which takes place from 25 to 30 August. This is the second feature film, after Sweet Valentine, the director-actress Emma Luchini, daughter of Fabrice Luchini, based on the work of his companion Nicolas Rey, also co – writer. She was present at the screening, as well as the three young actors. And all three of them laughed a lot, expressing their joy to have done this film together.

The stroke of lightning, the young Gabriel (Zacharie Chasseriaud) will have to Mathilde(Veerle Baetens) will be of short duration but of great intensity ! Whirlwind refreshing, it will bring in the gaiety and of the dream, as well as Martin (Manu Payet) his ball and chain big brother alcoholic, and their father Francis played by Fabrice Luchini.

Manu Payet, after you have completed relationship Status: it’s complicated, and that we had loved in Radiostars, tries her hand here with enough happiness to a more serious and profound than usual. It is rather credible, but bore sometimes the Manu Payet as we know it, including in the dialogues of the film director Emma Luchini as Mathilde utters his famous “guys I have an idea” (those who love the bagpipe will understand). Veerle Baetens, recently in Alabama Monroe, is solar and perfect for this role, and she sings divinely well. Fabrice Luchini makes the job of the father with restraint and delicacy, but this is normal, it is Luchini. As for the young Zacharie Chasseriaud, even if we understand that this is part of the character, it would be advantageous to adopt a more game sober…like the one he had in the closest To the sun.

The plus point of the film is undoubtedly the soundtrack, very varied and original. The negative point is the absence of scenario, quite disjointed and even foutraque, which goes in all directions. That wants to show us the filmmaker ? An unlikely encounter can change lives ? That the joy is more pleasant than the emmerdements ? And then, what a character is ? Is Martin and his setbacks sentimental, which tries without much motivation to get out of his addiction to alcohol and drugs ? Is this Gabriel, a young man sensitive to feminine charm and a little too excessive in his choice ? Or finally is it Mathilde, a young woman with the vitality out of the common but we feel the vulnerability and the desperate flight in front if it slows down its pace ?

“It is clear from the film with a sense of unfinished business.”

Moreover, the portrait that made the director of this family of men, without women or mothers, or dead parts, is very caring, even if the three are quite believable as a family.

Some of the scenes are admittedly poetic (swimming at night or in the marriage), others are funny with a certain situation comedy (The exchange of drug between Martin and Peter, the dog trainer-dog races depressive, is well seen)… Unfortunately the presence of these actors is not enough to make this meeting a good comedy-drama and you never know on which foot to dance.

It is apparent fromA PROMISING START with a sense of unfinished business, as after the departure of Matilda and the bursting of a bubble of champagne. Damage.




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