It would seem that a torrent of good feelings hits currently on the French cinema and ADOPTS A WIDOWER is no exception.

So far, this comedy is anything but am bullshitting and covers topics really touching in its gait light. For his second feature film without Thomas Sorriaux (who just realized The Dream Team), François Desagnat, as his ex-sidekick, here fits in a register very different from their opus common (La Beuze”, The 11 Commandments). Believe that these two have dropped the first degree and the schoolboy humor on the day on which they ceased to work together in order to gain in finesse. Anyway, this film is a funny and generous, the image of the tandem that the door, formed by André Dussolier more endearing than ever and Bérangère Krief explosive. Through the co-location unlikely, ADOPTS A WIDOWER invites us quietly to think about the benefits of mutual support between the generations and makes us regret that this is so little widespread.

Indeed, it is here question of a widower inconsolable (Hubert/André Dussolier) who, through a misunderstanding, is found to host a young student also sparkling direct (Manuela/Bérangère Krief) in her spacious apartment bourgeois. Resourceful, she is perfectly aware of the opportunity that represents this comfortable opportunity at a time when it is so difficult to stay in. In return, and in a spontaneous way, Manuela comes out Hubert from the torpor in which he got bogged down in bringing a freshness and an unexpected joie de vivre in daily life lonely. Was through a father/daughter who was missing in each, thus developing a new energy that will also accommodate other roommates, for better and for worse…

First of all, it is said that all this is very nice but not credible for a dime because in a world where mistrust and individualism are often legion it seems impossible. And yet, the success of the “couchsurfing” proves to us that there is hope (someone offers to host for free on its couch passengers unknown in a spirit of mutual support). As the film unfolds and we discover to what point this experience of co-location is positive, it is then said that the idea is perhaps more modern than utopian, and that it would do well to develop further in the reality.

If one would like to believe it, it is because in ADOPTING A WIDOWER, it is particularly touching to see this man evolve, regain a taste for life thanks to the presence of young people who could be his children, returning by the same sensation of being both useful and appreciated. An immense tenderness emerges and reports that Hubert will speak with Manuela but also with the other two (Marion / Julia Piaton and PG/Arnaud Ducret), such as a sibling, with its good and bad sides. In the end, all these souls who are a little lonely at this time of their existence will compose a family of wealth in this apartment. As in life, these are unexpected events, and even in hitherto unimaginable, which will result in changes that benefit everyone. In this case, the opening or reopening to the world and personal enrichment are a result of living together, coexistence between people of different generations and different walks of life, thanks to this co-location accident.

“ADOPT A WIDOWER invites us quietly to think about the benefits of mutual support between the generations and makes us regret that this is so little widespread. “

Other topics as serious are addressed by paths narrative diverted in to ADOPT A WIDOWER and punctuate the film’s realism, with the double effect of giving him the background and the rhythm. In this respect, one can mention for example the problem of impotence in the face of the disease which we are confronted in the medical community. It is treated as a watermark through the history of Marion, the young nurse, that Hubert (obstetrician, retirement) will be established to support through his personal experience and his maturity. This kind of situation highlights the consideration precious and reassuring that this older man offers a youthful rejuvenating through their cohabitation. Beyond the hardware side of the affordability, this is the paternal side both comforting and structuring that will help them to move forward.

This being the case, it is undeniable that Bérangère Krief illuminates the film as a ray of sunshine, ADOPT A WIDOWER would not be the same empathy without the presence ofAndré Dussolier. First of all, it radiates sympathy and sweetness. Then, he played to perfection and with so much correctness, this man who envelope a kindness to palpable his small roommates to help them grow, that we would have wanted, we, too, adopt ! The soundtrack, an imprint of modernity, of cheerfulness and positive energy, contributes to it largely to take us in this story with a commitment.

In an original way, in what approximates a closed session, the line of union between the young and the less young, is this apartment which will rise from a refuge for injured birds to cocoon reassuring, allowing anyone to hatch so fulfilling. This is’sADOPTS A WIDOWER a comedy trans-generational by its cast and by the issues addressed. The whole being embedded in a coherent way, with humor and tenderness.

Stephanie Ayache


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