[critical] All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

Mandy Lane. Beautiful. Pure and innocent. A queen, a high school student waiting to be crowned. Since the beginning of the school year, all boys have tried to conquer it. Some have even died in their desperate quest for this angel texan of 16 years.

Chloe and Red invite Mandy to spend the weekend in a family ranch. For Mandy, it is an opportunity to make new friends. For the boys, a unique opportunity to be in the mix. On the road that leads to the ranch, the work of approach to begin…

Author’s Note


Release Date : on DVD and BLU-RAY on August 3, 2010

Directed by Jonathan Levine

Film american

With Amber Heard, Anson Mount, Michael Welch

Duration : 1h 28min

Trailer :

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Outgoing directly to DVD and Blu-Ray this month of August, All The Boys Love Mandy Lane is typically the kind of film that will have two reactions from the viewer : either the latter will fall to sleep in the first few minutes or it will hard on the fast forward key of the remote control to see a final all also missed and inconsistent as the rest.

From the first minutes, it smells like a turnip, getting great. The actors are of a poor quality flawless, the dialogues seem to have been borrowed from school boys in ruts, the scenes of murders are laughable at best, the staging treads in the sludge and the worst part of it is that the suspense is absent. For a thriller horror it is still the height of no doubt on the identity of the psychopath and of the great lines to come. So, it looks very skeptical of this film, secretly hoping that the developer is struck with a genius idea and that we should overtake finally. Unfortunately, it was too much to ask him.

What is left to this film to try to get us out of this comatose state that we earn over minutes ? Not much else he must admit if this is the side psychedelic of some scenes that resemble what we see in films dealing with drugs and particularly LSD. The director would have been in full trip as it does astonish me very little and this may explain why he does not realize the weaknesses of his film.

In the end, All The Boys Love Mandy Lane is the kind of production that should never see the light of day. Pathetic, laughable, disastrous, she is able to exceed a bit more the limits of bad taste, and pays itself the luxury to make you want to puke look. Place coast to coast the worst films in the genre, and you’ll still be very far from the result of this Mandy Lane. Went to hop truce of chatter ! The Direction of the garbage faster than that !

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