Comédie american shaped for Jason Bateman. The role of a rich heir and it fits her like a glove. Conrad Valmont has lived all his life in his suite at the hotel Valmont (family inheritance). He received his education by the staff and his parents to fund all of its activities, and miscellaneous expenses (cigarettes, liquor and restaurants). We can say that he leads a good life, he who considers himself as a writer although it’s been ten years it still performs research. The film opens with Conrad receives a phone call telling him to leave the premises quickly. A prologue is explanatory (voice-over constant (Larry Pine) summarizes his childhood and makes us understand that his parents want to disinherit (a problem in the parental couple and nobody wants to take care of).

Typically independent, this comedy, New york is strangely reminiscent of the cinema of Woody Allen. Even criticism of the bourgeois intellectual against the backdrop of psychoanalysis. The most beautiful example is the passage in the bar after the theatre play. Each is trying in its turn to give his vision and interpretation of a piece, not terrible. In its construction there is also Wes Anderson. The film is going on a week so cut out by the day of the week with a prologue and an epilogue, as often in Anderson. The use of voice-off, quasi-omniscient adds to this effect. Moreover, the actor behind it (Larry Pine) has already worked for 2 directors (coincidence?).

The director and writer Peter Glanz (which is his first feature) was inspired by his short film A Relationship in Four Days for this long. A good base which had been noticed in several film festivals such as Cannes and Sundance. His film also inspired a lot of literature (Beatrice is an admirer of the novels of Jane Austen) and classical music (Bach’s favourite composer Conrad). But the most glaring is still the resemblance of the character of Beatrice with Anna Karina. He mentions openly the character in his attitude, his physical appearance and his profession (modeling).

“Nice romantic comedy without pretense, An ordinary week is a film that is touching”

But, basically, what is the strength of this story is the choice of actors. In addition to Bateman we find Billy Crudup (Almost famous, BIg Fish, Blood Ties) in the role of best friend. Their friendship between rivalry and admiration of the other works quite well to the screen. But the blow of heart goes to Olivia Wilde (Tron legacy, Drinking Buddies), which illuminates the entire duration of the film. As the two of you want to flirt so she gives off sex appeal. As soon as the meeting between Conrad and Beatrice in the metro, one is captivated by his eyes (enhanced by make-up black very marked on the eyelids). Nice romantic comedy without pretense, An ordinary week is a film that is touching and perfectly suited for this season.



Original title : THE LONGEST WEEK

Production : Peter Glanz

Screenplay : Peter Glanz and Juan Iglesias

Main actors : Olivia Wilde, Billy Crudup and Jason Bateman

Country of origin : USA

Released : September 05, 2014 (VOD), Announced on November 4, 2014 DVD/BR in Factoris Films, and At this time on OCS City

Duration : 1h23mn

Distributor : Armian Pictures, Atlantic Pictures, Far Hills Pictures, YRF Entertainment, Yash Raj Films

Synopsis : After his parents have decided to cut her food, Conrad Valmont is forced to live with his best friend, Dylan. He meets Beatrice, a model, and flash on it. He has one week to find a way to deal with the fact that he is broke, homeless, and fell in love with the girl of his dreams.


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