[critical] And After

At age eight, Nathan entered the tunnel of light “near-death” for having wanted to save a little girl. Declared dead, the little boy wakes up inexplicably. Twenty years later, Nathan has become a brilliant lawyer in new york city. Devastated by the painful circumstances of his divorce, he barricaded himself in his work, away from his ex-wife Claire and his daughter. It is then that a mysterious doctor, dr. Kay, burst into his existence, claiming to be able to say at what point some people are going to die. And because Kay upsets all the landmarks of his life, Nathan is finally going to discover why it is income.

Author’s Note


Release Date : January 14, 2009

Directed by Gilles Bourdos

Film canadian, French

With Romain Duris, John Malkovich, Evangeline Lilly

Duration : 1h47min

Original title : Afterwards

Trailer :

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“Attention, if you can stay home today, do not go out, the roads are icy.”

Pardon ? Oh no Madam, I’m really sorry, but it’s not going to be possible, because today, it is the output of the adaptation of the novel “And After” of my author’s favourite (William, for close friends). So much the worse for the weather, it’s been six months that I look forward to it, it is out of the question to wait one more day ! And so there I was, all wrapped, braving the bad weather and skating up to the room cinoche the nearest.

The choice of the V. O. will be asking even not (it respects the effort of our Romain Duris national, please !), it is trembling (from cold ? excitement ?) as I take my place in front of the screen.

And there, it is gone ! Very long sequence of introduction in a wide shot on a lake with a swan… Wow, that is beautiful… And after ? It is actually reverse, he is resurrected, becomes a super lawyer disgusting… and meets Doctor Kay, who came to deliver a “message”. Good, this is very good stuff, obviously, the director Gilles Bourdos has chosen to respect the book, and he is very grateful ! And after ? And well after, unfortunately, our hopes evaporate in these long shots of contemplation, empty of everything, and we get lost in the movie, trying to follow Nathan who seems even more disoriented than we are.

Good, let’s wait a little before you look at the time (critical moment…). A shame, as this will not be finally as a succession of images, errant interspersed with one or two deaths here and there. And when Nathan, missing the umpteenth car accident asks his daughter not to look, I would feel almost mood schoolgirl and raise his finger to ask if I also have permission not to (again !) see bodies.

Everything seems to revolve around this elite group of “messengers” to the rest of us, poor fishermen, to accomplish before you pass the weapon left. But too much is too much ! Especially when we expect a bit of action and suspense, and the emotions of the book are lost in the lens of a camera mollassonne who pays, in addition to the nerve to swing the endings so sharp and brutal.

Fortunately, these plans without end stand out a poetry, and a smooth, enjoyable, then good, I still want to be indulgent, and to give the filmmaker that his film, in the absence of having been able to preserve the soul of the book, we balance very beautiful images, film wish. But most of all, thank you to the actors, because unlike me, they believe hard as iron to the story they want to tell. Romain Duris seems possessed and fragile at once, and his accent frenchi (so cute !) can only complete my little heart. As for John Malkovich, it takes us without difficulty in us by the gift of interpretation is sober and human. Evangeline Lilly, meanwhile, would have won with a little more consistency, but hey, it seems that as a girl, I can’t be objective, since necessarily jealous…

Phew, it’s the generic, I am saved (well, it is still necessary that I manage to drag up with me, asking me constantly if I don’t have an aura that surrounds me…) And after ? There is only one thing to do : a good bowl of soup in hand, here I am affalée in my bed, under the duvet, me ready with pleasure to re-read the masterpiece of Guillaume Musso (for those who are not intimate !), wondering still if the film would not have rather to be entitled, “And for ???”.

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