[critical] As Brothers

Since Charlie is no longer there, the life of Boris, Elijah and Maxime shattered. These three men that everything separates had for Charlie a love singular. She was their sister, the woman of their life or their buddy, that was all. Except that Charlie is dead and that it, or Boris, a successful businessman, or Elijah, screenwriter noctambule and neither Maxime, 20 years always in the skirts of mommy, do not know how to deal with it. But because she had asked them, they decide on a whim to make this journey together, towards Corsica and the house that Charlie loved so much. Only here, 900 kilometers stuck in a car when it was for common, single-point attachment to the same woman, it is long… Boris, Elie and Maxime, three men, three generations, zero affinity on paper, but on arrival, the certainty that Charlie has changed their lives for ever.

Author’s Note


Release Date : November 21, 2012

Directed by Hugo Gélin

Film French

With François-Xavier Demaison, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Pierre Niney

Duration : 1h44min

Original title : Like Brothers

Trailer :

The flashbacks allow us to understand the relationship between all these characters. The narrative does not follow a chronological order, with the flashbacks make the film alive and to avoid monotony. The originality of the filmmaker, Hugo Gélin, has been placing flashbacks in reverse chronological order. They play a part as well, the most recent to the oldest, the latter telling the story of the first meeting of the three boys. As for the film, one can thus understand better their relationship. The 900 kilometres to be travelled to arrive in the country house, in Corsica, have welded Boris, Elie and Maxime, who, despite their age difference, unite ” as brothers “.

The casting works perfectly, we feel a complicity of certain and a tenderness between the actors, despite their differences. Their acting is excellent and very believable. The dialogues are funny, the situations also. Not only have the aim of achieving a comic effect, the film brings a lot of sadness with the death of Charlie and the way in which the three boys are going to have to get through this ordeal. Without falling into pathos, this film happens to blend brilliantly with these two sentiments.

The music, composed for the occasion by the group, Revolver, adds to the rhythm, making the comedy even more energetic.

The casting works perfectly, we feel a complicity of certain and a tenderness between the actors, despite their differences.

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