The pitch : our five friends from the first film are going to spend their vacation in Brazil ! The opportunity for Sonia to introduce Frank to his father Jean-Pierre, for Sam to shake of the girl (normal), for Alex to get his new girlfriend and cousin Ernest… Well, stay cousin Ernest. But due to the lack of caring, Jean-Pierre entrusts his grand-mother to Frank, Sam and Alex, to accompany them on the hike. The next day, the boys and grandma are gone, but their on-board camera is found. Sonia and her father discover hallucinated images shot during the famous hiking.

The synopsis leaves no secret : he will repeat almost identically to the “scenario” of the first film. Apart from 3 new characters useless (the 2 bombs interchangeable + the girl-guy vulgos Alex), the exoticism inherent in Brazil, as well as two switch very functional (babysitting => mamysitting ; Jugnot => Keyboard), absolutely nothing changes. There was always this alternation between two styles : the “found footage” necessarily kidding that reveals an alternate point of view on the events presented during the boring and classic “story of the characters”. It was already the default to the first aspect, it is still here : the softness of scenes functional breaks a little the immersion in this vacation movie, which degenerates. All the more when the feelings make their appearance, not believable, or intense, just ridiculous.

Fortunately, there still is the good mood of The Band at Dewey and Vincent Desagnat. Because mocking jokes and inconsistent with the basis of willies, hands, ass, phrases shock and humiliation of all kinds, allow you to cement a bit of a set pretty unlikely.

They interpret also the tourists more or less unable to meet the habitat in which they evolve. By mirror effect, this allows you to go slightly beyond entertainment via a certain empathy for the aboriginal or the termination of the label “organic” as an economic argument. In an awkward way (because the shots remain), but sincere, BABYSITTING 2 led to eco-responsibility.

That said, if there is only one thing to remember about this BABYSITTING 2 it is, as in the first episode, this famous climax central. A scene of the chase (almost) uninterrupted shot, therefore, the on-board camera. Longer, more varied, more dramatic, more funny that the kart race from the first film, this is one of those pure moments of cinema, unpredictable, and capable of taping at our headquarters in spite of us. In addition, a small feeling Spielberg-ien (Indiana Jones, specifically) that adds to the kif !

“No revolution, but are found intact in BABYSITTING 2 this small pleasure very instant that defined the first pane”

In short, BABYSITTING 2 seemed to be inevitable due to the 2.5 million viewer April 2013… But the film caught between the time-clearly too short to develop the strengths of the first and the need to re-operate to the letter of a formula that works. Do you expect any revolution, but to find intact what little pleasure very instant that defined the first component.


The Bridge of Spies, Babysitting 2, Mia Madre, Taj Mahal, Marguerite and Julien, Kill Your Friends, etc

+ A trailer in good con, as expected

+ Critical express BABYSITTING / First info on the 2

Original title : Babysitting 2

Production : Nicolas Benamou, Philippe Lacheau

Scenario : Philippe Lacheau, Julien Arruti, Nicolas Benamou, Pierre Lacheau

Main actors : Philippe Lacheau, Alice David, Vincent Desagnat

Country of origin : France

Output : 2 December 2015

Duration : 1h33min

Distributor : Universal Pictures International France

Synopsis : Sonia wants to introduce Frank to his father, Jean-Pierre director of an eco-friendly hotel in Brazil. The whole band get together and spend a dream vacation. One morning, the boys depart on an excursion in the amazon rain forest. Jean-Pierre entrusts his mother nagging Yolande. The next day, they have all gone… We just found the small video camera with which they were parties. Sonia and her father will watch this video to find their trace…

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