It is not necessary to stop at a priori sulphur about BANG GANG under the pretext that one sees teenagers of sixteen years of walking around naked and fuck like crazy. No, it is much more complex and subtle than that. Director Eva Husson, of which this is the first feature-length film, and that we have had the pleasure of interviewing after the projection, deals with the quest and the sense of belonging to a group, difficult to accept and the limitations that it poses to oneself to achieve this.

It is even a study of psychology social, almost anthropological, that it delivers us with this film which she is also a screenwriter, analyzing in detail each step of the various factors of belonging and awareness group.

Inspired by events that occurred in 1996 about teens all patients with syphilis in the same city, Eva Husson draws the portrait of five teenagers in a seaside town of the Atlantic, that we see develop within their family environment, their school, between them, and facing their own feelings. A youth of the same style as the one entraperçue in the opening scene of the first episode of season 1 of the series The Leftovers, which flirts deliberately with the danger, pushing the limits of the reasonable to liberate the world of adults to a thousand places to suspect these games. Boredom, parties, drugs, alcohol, sex are much more attractive than the feeling of love.

We feared for a moment that the characters brushed by the director of youth idle and sometimes left to fend for themselves by their parents, are a little too stereotyped. Fortunately, their features are sufficiently dense and balanced in order to achieve surprise us and remind us that we have no doubt the crusaders -or were – some of them in our youth.

As BANG GANG, has the virtue powerful : while we are questioning with our eyes of an adult, he managed to send us back to this period of our adolescence wobbly, in this between-two source of ill-being, at this moment when the eyes of others is so important, it is sometimes necessary to agree to do, or suffer, to please and be accepted in order not to remain alone. BANG GANG recalls how this period of excess, where everything takes on proportions of absolute and final, can be a source of suffering.

“BANG GANG is a powerful film, which deals with boldness the sexual excesses of teenagers too indolent to belong to a group.”

Without detailing the plot, be aware that you will encounter George/Marylin Lima, beautiful, young girl in love humbled, conscious of her power of seduction, which will be launching this game bravache of Bang Gang, to regain control of his relationship with the all powerful, almost living god, Alex/Finnegan Oldfield (to which we dedicated an article). This last, seductive, free and leader of the group bound by social networks that animates the faithful Nikita/Fred Hotier, seduce Laëticia/Daisy Broom, the best friend of George. And finally Gabriel/Lorenzo Lefebvre, like the Angel, the savior, if mature because of his family responsibilities, and only aware of the gravity of the situation.

And as in any group that creates a sense of belonging and identity, it will be question of power, the role of social networks and the way in which you create and maintain links, such as the sharing of secrets or the exclusion of one of the members of the group.

The actors are all virtually unknown except Finnegan Oldfield (recently seen, with a style more discreet, in The Cowboys and Neither the Sky nor the Earth). They are all very fair with a special appearance. Special Mention to Lorenzo Lefebvre, in which we bet the again very soon.

Worn by high-energy music of the White Sea, BANG GANG is a powerful film that deals with daring and originality in the current context of overexposure to social networks, the difficulties might have on adolescents, and particularly adolescent girls, to state that their feelings of love while taking their sexuality. A kind of “Neither whores, nor submissive” modernized in sum, that the director does not intend to only older teens become adults, but also teenagers of today – over 12 years of age, because the movie is banned before.



Carol, Creed, Bang Gang, And your sister, A Second Chance, The boy and the beast, etc

Original title : Gang Bang

Realization : Eva Husson

Scenario : Eva Husson

Main players : Finnegan Oldfield, Marilyn Lima, Daisy Broom, Lorenzo Lefebvre

Country of origin : France

Released : January 13, 2016

Duration : 1h38min

Distributor : Ad Vitam

Synopsis : in The suburbs the wealthy of a city on the Atlantic coast. George, pretty young girl of 16 years, falls in love with Alex. To attract his attention, she initiates a collective game, where his band of friends will find, test and push the boundaries of their sexuality. In the midst of the scandals and the collapse of their system of values, each of which manages this intense period of radically different way.

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