A man, badly in need of money, finds himself in spite of himself at the centre of a circle of deadly game is focused on Russian roulette.

Release Date : 28 October 2011 (US – Los Angeles)

Release Date of DVD / Blu-ray : July 31, 2013

Directed by Gela Babluani

Film american

With Jason Statham, Sam Riley, Mickey Rourke, Michael shannon, Curtis Jackson

Duration : 1h30min

Original title : 13

Trailer :

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I was interested in 13 TZAMETI because remember, there was Augustin Legrand, and this was the period in which it was revealed in the media in France by his political commitment. Couple this with the craze created by a scenario rather murky and tense and you get a Paul who is very keen to see the film. Today, thanks to the operation Cinétrafic, I was able to have access to the american remake directed by Gela Babluani himself. The opportunity to review it and make a small criticism.

“Not to be put in all hands “. This is my first recommendation. On one side, because the scenario and the basic idea is rather daring, and, on the other, because the realization is overwhelming. Has to understand it in the sense ” that puts your nerves to the test “. In short, the voltage at the limit of the unbearable.

Let us take it from the order and let’s start with the scenario. 13, as 13 TZAMETI, is a primarily film based on its principle and its ability to place a psychological thriller from the. A brief introduction presenting the hero and justifying his need for money is thus put in place in just a few minutes in order to progress quickly and directly to the heart of the matter. Then, a scenario itself ? Not really… But this is not a tare. Both horror films have always workings well-known and so, in the end, a lack of real scenario, in order to simply create what the viewer expects : the scenes that make you buy a pair of Sloggi the next day. Here it is then for the large majority of the film simply in a sort of exercise in style compared to the situation more than disturbing and unsustainable.

We are only in this perspective there, but that is what it is ! Indeed, the achievement (second point) is dry and without grandiloquence. It adds a touch of real abominable. And this force of evil takes its full extent in the first scene of the play (and the following), as, even knowing the principle of this atrocious fun, one can only be amazed when you actually see this game of Russian roulette in action. The silence is also good in the movie than in your head. And the voltage resonates to the deepest part of your bones.

An object wobbly built on a few feet very solid, but not very many.

It is, therefore, blown in the face of some of the scenes are simply mind blowing and controlled end-to-end but it is also thanks to Michael Shannon. As a “referee” of the game, he managed to bring a bit of craziness and toughness in his game that happens to add a hint of extra tension to the splinters of the film. 13, it is also a casting rather pretty so. Indeed, it is necessary to rely on Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, Sam Riley, Ray Winstone…

Thus, it is very beautiful and attractive to the registry “action movie” but unfortunately for them, even if the actors had not been known, it would have changed nothing. In fact, the movie is so much more oriented psychological Thriller than action film, pure and hard that we forget really if the actors are good or not because it is especially captivated by the scenes of the game itself. The rest does not count. The emotion generated by such an ordeal has finally not really need to be voiced by a talented actor or not, since the audience itself receives the discharge of adrenaline and realizes the horror and the impossible psychological situation.

So here is roughly what vaux the remake of 13 TZAMETI. It is on a film such as ” I am built on my moments of outbursts, but what moments ! “. Because otherwise, for the rest of the realization :… The dialogues ? Ben just enough to introduce the story. There should not be any more. The photo ? The director went on vacation. The music ? The musicians have taken the next plane. Etc etc, But at the same time, the film didn’t need all that to be a strength. So we end up with an object dangling built on a few feet very strong but few in number. A beautiful exercise of style. But that deserves to be seen. A movie very nice sum.

Publisher : Metropolitan Filmexport

Distributor : Seven7

Number of disc(s) : 1

Format : BD-50

Case : Blu-ray Disc

Bitrate : –

Authoring : –

Video Format : 1080p – 2.40 – 16: 9 native

Zone : B

Standard : –

Image : Color

Audio : DTS HD Master Audio – French 5.1 – English 5.1

Sub-titles : French

Deaf and hard of hearing : None


– Interviews

– On the shooting of the film

– Trailers

– Interactivity Internet

– The film with a new timeline



About the Blu-ray, the technical quality is impeccable. The sound and picture are of very good quality ! The only drawback as I said above, is that the harmony of the colors is not necessarily at the appointment. The colors are so pretty and well treated, but do not go together.

For supplements, we have “the impression” you have of what to do. In fact, the film is presented in a new mounting is available. Busy. But, roughly, it is the film stripped of its flashbacks. He enters into a dynamic and more linear. A dynamic night at the quick dip (which contributes to the tension felt), but that, once the film is seen in its final installation, allows you to rediscover a new angle and more relaxed.

The interviews are classic and always friendly but unfortunately too short ! And the “on the set” is also nice, but quickly boring.

The copy is rather nice, and without much pretension. Enough to satisfy those who have enjoyed but, all the same, it remains on our hunger !

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