Ne have seen BOOMERANG in Avant – Première au Festival du Film Francophone d’angoulême, which was held from the 25th to the 30th of August, in the presence of the director-screenwriter, François Favrat and actors of the movie Laurent Lafitte, Mélanie Laurent and Audrey Dana. Also present was Tatiana de Rosnay, a writer whose novel of the same name is adapted, very happy to see the result on the screen, as the rest of the band.

BOOMERANG is the 3rd movie from François Favrat after The role of his life and The Sainte Victoire. He immerses himself in the secrets and the non-said of a family, and acknowledges in spite of all a personal work, the book echoing, he said, to his own life. A man, Antoine, who goes through a difficult period (divorce, job, etc.), family secrets, about the death of his mother thirty years earlier and of which no longer speaks, lies, silences that explain a part of his ill-being, a psychiatrist who is listening to this man… look no further ! We are well within the usual universe of the writer Tatiana de Rosnay.

Antoine is embodied by a Laurent Lafitte light that confirms, if need be, its dramatic potential and its intensity of the game. His emotions are extremely palpable. For example, the scene in which he describes the vision of the body of his mother in the death chamber is very moving.

Mélanie Laurent, who directed last year’s very intense Breathing, embodied with (almost too much) of withholding his sister Agathe, which does not include the determination of Anthony to really discover what happened. In withdrawal, it will not long to take advantage for his brother, but his own memories rise slowly to the surface. The film paints a beautiful portrait of a relationship between a big brother and his little sister, and the complicity of actors reflects it well to the screen.

The family study that will lead Antoine allowing him to discover the woman that was his mother, will be through the encounter of Angèle, embodied by Audrey Dana a little less vibrant than in his film Under the skirts of girls, but a little scatter-brained anyway, especially as it exercela profession weird thanatopracteur. These two will come together because they share a childhood traumatized by the sudden death of a parent. Because it is well known, that a feather, flock together…

“The film manages to move us and keep us until the end as a good polar summer.”

The characters are a bit too much in the caricature and Vladimir Yordanoff as santa heinous that will make its mea culpa or Bulle Ogier in sweet grandmother who is not that much, is no exception to the rule.

The processes of the director are also a bit phoned-in and conventional (settlement of accounts for Christmas), his tribute to director Claude protestant redemption church (scene of the car accident) is a bit too supported it, the story has an air of already seen (and read). The back-and-forth between scenes of the present and those of the past surlignent too much about the filmmaker : the viewer also like to do imaginary work, everything does not need to be shown.

But the quest of Antoine in this beautiful island of Noirmoutier with its famous passage of Gois (wanted as a character from the movie in its own right) will make him a father responsible, and not a son psychologically fragile and BOOMERANG manages to move us and keep us until the end as a good polar summer.



Original title : Boomerang

Realization : François Favrat

Screenplay : François Favrat, Emmanuel Coursol, based on the novel by Tatiana de Rosnay

Main actors : Mélanie Laurent, Laurent Lafitte, Audrey Dana, Vladimir Yordanoff, Bulle Ogier

Country of origin : France

Released :
September 23, 2015

Duration : 1h40min

Distributor : UGC Distributor

: Boomerang : masculine name, throwing weapon capable of turning in on itself to return to its point of departure… coming back with his sister Agathe on the island of Noirmoutier, the birthplace of their children, Antoine had no idea how the past, like a boomerang, reminding her to remember. Secrets, unspoken, lies : and if the whole history of this family was in fact to rewrite ? In the Face of the mysterious disappearance of his mother, father, follower of silence and a sister, who doesn’t want to see an unknown attractive will happily shake up the life of Anthony…


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