A building threatening to collapse. In shake, a glass breaks. Asghar Farhadi framework outside of the apartment evacuated through this window and enables us to discover the work, responsible for the degradation of the building. With this plan, it is a Iran broke that the director filming, Iran “work in progress” whose culmination does not tend to improve things but to accentuate the imbalance. This building would be the symbol of a country that wavers but which, however, does not break. As a ground of hope.

In the continuity of this prologue, we make the knowledge of Emad and Rana, a couple forced to seek alternative accommodation. They will achieve this through a friend. “For once, we have the bol” said Emad to his wife, discovering his new home, glad to be able to find quickly a shelter while the case could have been of advantage complex. The sentence is heavy with meaning, “for a time” meaning even though life is complicated in Iran. It is at the same time ironic compared to what will follow : Rama will be assaulted in her home by an acquaintance of the former tenant. Begins a thriller by hitchcock in which Emad goes to investigate to find out who the man entered the home by breaking and entering, and especially to try to get revenge.

THE CLIENT is a film that feels the control at all levels. The scenario is a strength foolproof, treating a side of a couple who loses closely following an incident and the other an investigation to satisfy a revenge. The entanglement of the two allows you to build an armature for consistent, drop his program with serenity and attention to detail. The film can, therefore, rest on a psychological development while advancing through a storyline stimulating us – because we are also answers. This lockout is born a certain coldness, a hermetic. This is where lies the limit of a film formally imposing, a sort of block cut with precision, not leaving filter the emotion. This lock is embodied even in the image by the repetition of barriers between the camera and a character, or simply in the background.

The limit of A Customer lies in its form, a sort of block cut with precision, not leaving filter the emotion. Click To Tweet

It will have to wait for the final for that through the tools of narrative actually appear to the human, body and feelings. The last act in the form of a behind-closed-doors inside the abandoned apartment brings in the story of the issues of the moral, which is a travesty of the demonstration for us to drag it back to the human. The film distances itself from what it was programmed (the revenge) by incorporating the guilt of the guilty. Men can behave badly but that doesn’t make them monsters. And the guilt sometimes has more impact than to apply a form of law of the Talion. To conclude the film in this place once again demonstrates all the intelligence of the scenario, as to say to us that in the midst of the rubble, the men can allow the country to stay on the feet.

Published on may 22, 2016.

Maxime Bedini

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