Before Amityville, there was Harrisville… Conjuring : records Warren, tells the story horrible, but true, Ed and Lorraine Warren, investigators of paranormal deemed to be in the world, came to the aid of a family terrorized by a presence disturbing them in their remote farmhouse… Forced to confront a creature of the demon a formidable force, the Warren is facing the most terrifying of their career…

Author’s Note


Release Date : August 21, 2013

Directed by James Wan

Film American

With Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Ron Livingston

Duration : 1h52min

Original title : The Conjuring

Trailer :

Creator of the Franchise, SAW, James Wan has a sacred gift, the one to keep the affection of the viewer by linking the films uneven. After an INSIDIOUS nanardesque and an action film, soft knee (DEATH SENTENCE), we did not expect much from the director of the original japanese, and yet, his latest film, the CONJURING – FOLDERS WARREN, is a success, a fresh wind and welcome in the cinema horror current, paralyzed by the franchises tasteless. Refusing the gore or the shaky-cam to return to the origins of evil, Wan gives us a work controlled and scary.

More near from AMITYVILLE HORROR of INSIDIOUS, CONJURING – LES DOSSIERS WARREN plays the card of simplicity and discretion, the first part of the film is a masterpiece of suggestion, there is nothing to see, but still we fear. Playing with our phobias, the most primal, Wan manages to frighten, to worry even the most fervent fanatics of the horror genre. In addition, if the current trend is the counting of the image in favour of realism, the realization is effective here and sharpened, between movements of cameras voyeurs and murky light the most beautiful effect. The image is sublime, and worth the look alone just like the music, imposing his presence cold by a thunder of infra-bass. More rare and more remarkable, the film does not lose its strength in its second half, fed by a climax panting of a half-hour. If the distress is then pushed out by the Jump-scares, the atmosphere and the tension remains intact. Avoiding excessive hemoglobin and excess, CONJURING – LES DOSSIERS WARREN is not dark (almost) never in the ridiculous.

Yes, the film is devilishly effective, undoubtedly successful, but if it works, it does not depart forever.

However, it is not a film without fault. It is sometimes uneven and some crossings do not work simply no, the image of this side-story revolving around yet another doll demonic. This same story is revealing under-developed and they deflate dramatically after we have dangled the possibility of a climax explosive. Embroidered with white thread, without surprise, almost flower-blue, these asides are dramatically drop the voltage without bringing anything in return to the plot.

Finally, we can regret the lack of originality of the whole. Yes, the film is devilishly effective, undoubtedly successful, but if it works, it does not depart forever, content to stay on the paths already traced by the history of the cinema. May be too conventional, too clean, it never goes out of the beaten path. Of course, it is impossible to remove the film from its context, but it is obvious that if it were released in the mid 70’s, CONJURING – LES DOSSIERS WARREN would have been an exorcist-like more. But, in the sadness of the landscape gruesome present, we can only recommend this work honest and voluntary, truly agonizing to default to be original, which effrayera, no doubt, but will not remain in the annals.

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