They are returns. The “Horsemen” – masters of illusion – we invite you once again in a huge number, orchestrated this time by the american John M. Chu. Exit the wizards and extravagant to the baroque waistcoats of the great cabaret, rather, acquaintance with the alluring bevy of starlets hollywood in this second installment, even more bland than the first part. And as any self-respecting, everything is bigger, more beautiful, more hypocritically complex… More disproportionate.

It remains no less that its predecessor had – recognize – the merit of bringing a new universe to the world merry blockbusters standardized where specifically, the depletion of licenses reached a peak (to learn more, we suggest the analysis ofArkham on the subject, here). Although very average and very imperfect, Elusive, first of the name, was playing on a register-oriented “entertainment, fun, and friendly”, rather acceptable. Very influenced by the skilled Prestige of Christopher Nolan, the “saga” Elusive (because, yes, a third episode is planned for 2018) addresses the same mechanics of the enchantment of his boots to the famous final step is supposed to create the amazement. But in ELUSIVE 2, everything seems fake from the beginning to the end and wondering : where is past “the prestige” ?

By its opening scene putassière and already seen, the tone blackened of the plot is given so that the too full of serious and of first degree shows gradually the tip of his nose. After a quick summary of episode 1, we are in the hunt of the riders and the times have changed. ELUSIVE 2 will, in effect, give themselves a grave look, black and too big for issues as trivial as devoid of any interest. And when the plot slowly starts to settle in, the film runs painfully his screenplay, accumulating inconsistencies almost instantly defused by the very serious “It’s magic”. In the manner of a bad magician, but the strength of this adventure disappears behind a curtain of smoke, the thickness of which is at the height of grotesque tricks of the script. By his writing to be a caricature, ELUSIVE 2 becomes painful and not attractive, or even terribly predictable.

“In the manner of a bad magician, but the strength of this adventure disappears behind a curtain of smoke, the thickness of which is at the height of grotesque tricks of the script. “

In ELUSIVE 2, you will be entitled to other lessons of magic. No direction of the actors, our actors favorite seem to have lost their talents and sense of rightness. Not to mention the histrionics inopportune of Daniel Radcliffe, we are also struck down and made prisoners of the evil twin unbearable to Woody Harrelson. Michael Caine, Mark Ruffalo and Jesse Einseberg disappoint about them on account of very beautiful compositions that they offered to us lately in Youth, Foxcatcher , or Café Society. Also, the directed by John M. Chu is more roaring than upscale. It is especially in a scene with the endless search for the body, that the intentions and blunders of the director are the most visible. The director certainly thought to hold here a sequence worthy of the greatest spy movies, it gets a swank perfectly forgettable. Nor mastered, nor efficient, ELUSIVE 2 , it is not our senses to causer in us surprise and excitement. On the contrary, it is the pattern of a plot is not refusing nothing, and a realization messy, as the film loses in force. The hope to find quality entertainment is quickly aborted. In the end, don’t look for the rabbit, it will be exactly where you expect.


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