There is a before and after FEAR X in the filmography of Nicolas Winding Refn. One before and one after the economic, first of all, since the large budget of the film almost ruined the box of production the director is Danish, requiring then to return to the saga Pusher ; but there is also a before and after artistic. Refn has never hidden his influences – a little bit like this scene at the beginning of Bleeder where the character of Mads Mikkelsen is the list of directors in its video club, Refn aligns references and inspirations. If with his first two films, he cited Scorsese and the polar hong kong, it is a whole other type of film that will transcend FEAR X. A film which will then accompany him for the rest of his career : aesthetics, metaphysics, contemplative. A goldsmith of the image that will draw happily for Kubrick, Lynch or Jodorowsky, taking care to disseminate extracts of Blow Up here and there : it is a new preface, a new departure.

This is not a secret : Refn wants to make his Kubrick with FEAR X. Has photography ? Larry Smith, the chief electrician on Barry Lyndon and Shining, in charge of the lighting of’Eyes Wide Shut. This is their first collaboration – Bronson and Only God Forgives after him – and it is not trivial : it is a new look on its part, on the temporality of his films, Refn poses here. FEAR X is his first fault ; a fault which will then become the new rule. The author’s innovative sacrifices himself for the benefit of the author bulimic, and this is both a blessing and a curse.

FEAR X is a piece wobbly. If dangling it fascinated him, actually. Refn has never been a filmmaker very constant, but of his entire filmography, this third feature is probably the one that leaves the most thoughtful. Finished in speed so that it was close to the incident, the industrial, the scenario will be more or less rewritten in post-production : evidenced by this end-ambiguous pseudo-shyamalanesque, which presents a mystery without really having it-same response. The feeling of actually walking around for an hour and thirty is so very present, accompanied by a strange admiration for such a technical demonstration that happens to make it digestible this cocktail improbable located somewhere between Twin Peaks, Fargo, the Shining and Antonioni.

“An array of hypnotic, imperfect, vibrating, before which we cannot remain passive”

Results in a quasi-nanar sensorially unique, the taste of vomit, but the trim is impeccable. If we didn’t know Refn, one could say that it is card-of the world, FEAR X navigates the shameless reactions between the clumsy and the plot twists, storyline is not very subtle. But behind this habit, it is known that the approach is sincere and that FEAR X is more of a film maudit that an action with malicious intent. Beyond the easy criticism that one might make, there is a picture hypnotic, imperfect, vibrating, before which we cannot remain passive.



NICOLAS WINDING REFN on the Blog of The Film

Nicolas Winding Refn is a filmmaker exciting. To try to capture the essence of his cinema, we are set to 4 (Maxime, Vivien, Georgeslechameau and Paul) to try to break down his filmography. Each writer to be watched all the films, in the order of the output, which allowed the suite to be able to work together to collect the most items. It is then with its own sensibility and its culture, as each one is launched in the drafting of critical, while being able to re-contextualize the films compared to the rest of the filmography, to the whole work.

Results in a folder full, trying to capture the essence of the work of the Danish director and allowing you, hopefully, to better understand the beauty of his cinema.

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Other title : Inside Job

Production : Nicolas Winding Refn

Screenplay : Hubert Selby Jr., Nicolas Winding Refn

Main actors : John Turturro, Deborah Kara Unger, Stephen Eric McIntyre James Remar

Country of origin : Denmark, United Kingdom, Canada

Released : September 22, 2004

Duration : 1h31min

Distributor : Editions Montparnasse

Synopsis : following the sudden death of his wife in the parking lot of a shopping center, Harry Cain has strange visions that haunted him day and night. He decides to resolve the mystery surrounding the alleged murder of his wife.

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