[critical] Futurama : Bender’s Big Score

In this long-footage original, aliens, and evil tends nudist send Bender, not so much against his will, in a journey through time to steal the historical treasures of the Earth ! The valiant crew of the Planet Express will he save the planet ? Leela will she find true love ? The terrible secret of the posterior of Fry will he finally be revealed ?

Author’s Note


Directed by Dwayne Carey-Hill

Film american

With Billy West, John Di Maggio, Katey Sagal

Duration : 1h28 min

Trailer :

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To the poor buggers who think The Simpsons is still THE cult series of Matt Groening, I answer “not sure”. Because according to me, and despite the adoration that I dedicate to the adventures of the family of the yellow the wackiest of America, the innovative Futurama propels itself in a few seasons to a few hundred yards above its big sister, thanks to a concept that is damn effective. In many ways the most original, most unexpected and daring, this animated series futuristic is fast emerging amongst a public of aficionados most geeks still that fans of Homer. A detail for the Fox, which stops in spite of all the broadcast because of the audience figures poor.

And it is precisely a reference to this deprogramming that opens the film : a state of crisis at Planet Express, constrained by the “Box Network” to put the key under the door. A bouncing idiot later, the happy team of broken arms is back on track, as the creators of the series that are exploring the production of three movies of this type, which will be later cut into episodes forming season 5. So nothing to do with The Simpsons, The Movie : no big screen for those long films “direct to DVD”.

The first minutes are a real treat for the connoisseur, happy to see the earthy Bender, Fry, Leela, Farnsworth and Zoidberg, as presented in an introduction worthy of a big hollywood production. Then the story begins, necessarily stupid, naturally filled with countless gags and numerous references. The opportunity to meet Al Gore, Nixon, evil aliens flanges, and then, like, Charles de Gaulle. The recurrent characters of the series intersect, intersect with a new, long real plot-based paradoxes in time. Alas, the film sin a little by its length. Accustomed to the short format, I admit I be a bit bored during the last twenty minutes, so that the denouement was soon to come. Undoubtedly, the valves hit the mark more and more rarely and the incessant travel in time eventually grow tired of it. “Like butter that you spread on a sandwich too large”, as they say.

Regardless, Futurama : Bender’s Big Score is worth the look, which is indispensable for the fan of the series (given the owls a bonus on the DVD, it deserves the same investment of fifteen euros). For the other, not surprisingly, go your way. Clearly, the film is intended for fans and is not calibrated to attract new ones. One last thing : Futurama is best enjoyed in a VO. The VF is a shame, that more is marked by many changes of voice actors. That is all. For the time being.

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