Hedi is a nice boy. He listens to his mother, his brother, his fiancee, his boss. He would not even have the idea of contradict. The way of the young man is all mapped out, he did not have a voice. It is necessary for him to do what was planned and decided by the family, accept that his mother was stifling and castratrice is obstinated to humiliate him in public, and to compare it constantly to her older brother who lives in France, don’t ask questions, follow the movement. Respect culture, traditions and social conventions, and above all just obey. Slowly but subtly, Mohammed Ben Attia, and director of HEDI, A WIND OF FREEDOM, manages to instill doubt in the mind of Hedi, who has never dared to challenge any decision, cashing again and again. The transformation will take time, but it will be brutal and violent.

The trigger effect, it is the encounter with Rim (Rym Ben Messaoud), this young woman who works in the hotel that Hedi frequent also. Their way of seeing the world is totally different when the spontaneity and confidence in the life of a Rim opposed to the need for hereditary plan everything from Hedi. But the breath of freedom that inhabits the Rim goes, such a contagious disease, spread in the mind of Hedi. Has his contact, he will reveal himself and be brave. Allowing yourself to doubt, to question decisions, to choose.

“A wonderful parallel between the assertion of the people following the Arab Spring, and the affirmation of Hedi, through its history of love”

Of course, the sliders will not be in the right place at the beginning, as to discover freedom, such as the have learned to those who made the Revolution in Tunisia, takes time. And luckily the director , Mohammed Ben Attia has avoided the facilities story. As with any change, it is normal for mistakes to be made, and then rectified. It is logical that shades can be found. Because rebel does not mean that one must leave everything, or break everything to rebuild everything. HEDI, A WIND OF FREEDOM offers a beautiful parallel between the period following the events of the Arab Spring in Tunisia and the personal situation of Hedi makes sense, then, to the time of the adjustment of the young man, his consciousness and his self-affirmation. Hedi will be reached by this spirit of the Revolution, and this world of the possible.


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