[critical] Irina Palm

Maggie, a widow of 50 years, is desperately looking for money to pay for an ultimate treatment to his little dying son. After yet another unsuccessful attempt, Maggie wanders the streets of Soho in London. She stops in front of the “Sexy World” where a poster says : “Looking hostess”. Too desperate and lost to realize what she’s doing, she enters. Miki, the owner, does not believe his eyes, but intrigued by Maggie and amused by the situation, he offers him a job. Under the pseudonym of Irina Palm, Maggie applies for not to lose his job.

Author’s Note


Release Date : 09 may 2007

Directed by Sam Garbarski

Film French, british, belgian, German, luxembourg

With Marianne Faithfull, Miki Manojlovic, Kevin Bishop

Duration : 1h43min

Trailer :

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It is not chronic, not that of the big-budget blockbuster movies on the Blog of the Film. Proof is Irina Palm, a small film went unnoticed when it was released in theaters in may 2007.

The pitch could feel the lived for an average person. What would you do for love, if you learn that your husband, your wife, your child is sick and in need of urgent money is required ?

Maggie, 50, is facing this problem with his grandson. It cannot remain insensitive in the face of the illness of her little offspring, and should try everything to finally have a treatment that would work and would be a part of his life.

You think, undoubtedly, in the background. We dare you not to think about it first, but the more time passes, the more we need to respond. What to do ? With what to begin ? And then we stop in front of a building that is of the hostesses of a new kind. An understatement in the form of a synonym that make the pill about the actual profession of this title. She enters and offers his services.

Marianne Faithfull is definitely a good actress and her cinematographic career says it all : One Plus One / Sympathy For The Devil by Jean-Luc Godard, Hamlet for Tony Richardson, Intimacy by Patrice Chéreau or even Marie-Antoinette of Sofia Coppola. An appearance in a recent film, Paris Je t’aime d’Olivier Assayas.

In the Face of it, a Miki Manojlovic in great shape. He has been seen in 3 films ofEmir Kusturica, the last of which, Promise Me this, and it will be up to the poster of Largo Winch in December, at the role of Nerio Winch.

A british film, a british actress and a Serbian actor in the role of the mackerel. It was without doubt the emphasis of the Is to get more of the pill in the middle very closed pimping and prostitution. Anyway, the places are found and this bar looks very much like one of those old, seedy bars background of the city in lack of sex, and lacking naturally romance and courtesy. No, here up to a masturbation-mental and physical, to the first and second sense of the term.

The reaction of the son of the “whore” is all that’s there are more legitimate. But once he realized this, his opinion differs and he thinks of his own child. He hates his mother for having been able to do that, you have descended so low to the level of ethics and morality. Then here are more understanding, in the face of an explanation that is expected, which remains unclear throughout the film.

And just the release for Maggie : all, priority to its friends in the bridge and the shopping that they work with. One cannot be silent at a given time. If, in addition, you can take revenge on one or two things in the passage, the revelation is even better.

Sam Garbarski (The Rashevski Tango) sign here a poignant film in more ways than one, and makes us think about choices that sometimes are hard to take.

Note a soundtrack performed by the belgian group Ghinzu. Remember the hit, “Do You Read Me ?”.

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