[critical] LOL (Laughing Out Loud)

LOL ? It means Laughing Out Loud – mort de rire – en langage MSN.

It is also likely that as the friends of Lola call. Yet, on the day of her return, Lola does not have the heart to laugh. Arthur, her boyfriend, provokes her, saying that he has cheated during the summer. And his band of friends has the gift to complicate things. Like her mother, Anne, with whom dialogue is impossible, and not only because she does not know what LOL means. Her parents have divorced is one thing. As Anne deals with her teen like a child by lying on the essentials, for example on the fact that she sees his ex in secret, or that it is picked up by a cop, is another. On his side, Anne wonders what could happen to her sweet little girl. Fusion to confusion, mother-daughter relationships seethe of love and LOL.

Author’s Note


Release Date : February 4, 2009

Directed by Lisa Azuelos

Film French

With Sophie Marceau, Christa Theret, Alexandre Astier

Duration : 1h47min

Trailer :

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Is it not a déjà vu ? The Boom will quote the press, the public and the grandmother of the neighbor. Of course : the same theme : young teens through their crisis, and especially the same actress, Sophie Marceau, who goes from a role of child to that of a mother. Logically ironic ! Referred to The Boom or any other film with teenagers (because in fact it does not lack in the film and television landscape) LOL (Laughing Out Loud) seems to be one more movie, with teens in order to attract teens. Confidences between friends, the first great love and disappointment, and conflict with his mother. Not las of the have we even lived a few years ago that is it that would tempt us to go see yet another film dealing with this same theme ?

A first argument would be the winks to the new standards for generational and culture French. A reference to Navarro, to the pub Nespresso, etc are to be taken as such as a zest of humor who will take up the banality of the film. It also takes a certain decline in the face of american culture and his own film holder. The self-mockery and thus helps to avoid a label, old-fashioned, and above all, drowning.

LOL (Laughing Out Loud) does not innovate in terms of film language, he should not expect to see a great film. At most he plays with some effects by inlaying windows chat MSN : passage to refer to the new mode of the (non -) communication of young people today. But here there is nothing surprising, everything was confessed upon reading the title : LOL, the diminutive of Lola, or the translation to English of the MDR (Dead Of Laugh) French. Good if this movie can sometimes make you laugh, don’t expect to ” die ” because most often the film slides, unfortunately, in the silliness, the excess of love and looks bland. He would have been able to preserve themselves as if to be deep it could simply be a film light and enjoyable. The director has preferred to heavy.

You will hear easily the gossips say, ” As if all young people were ultra-rich, as if they had all a mother too close… “. In fact, the film explores a snippet of life of a certain youth of paris (because to have a house on two floors and three children in Paris, better to have some income). Like the words of the director, who wants to prove that she understood the teens, in order not to be disappointed LOL (Laughing Out Loud) prefer the idea of following the simple story of Lola, in love and zero in math because of a boy.

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