For his latest film, long Live the crisis !, Jean-François Davy offers the viewer a reflection mi-figue mi-raisin on the evils of the crisis in France.

LONG LIVE THE CRISIS ! is a film that is unclassifiable. A UFO in the French cinema, and as said, one of the characters, ” a happy mess “. As the film oscillates briskly between humor nerdy of nanars of the 70s and the philosophical reflection a little more thrust that warning on the dangers faced by a society too liberal. Its director, Jean-François Davy, offers many reading keys, such as a hostel in Spanish, the thinking taken to the extreme.

LONG LIVE THE CRISIS ! is first and foremost a fiction politically incorrect that invites the spectator in the year 2025, at a time when the President Marine Le Pen resigned (sic). On the eve of the outcome of the presidential election of may 7, the bias of the filmmaker is not stung worms and ambition is without a doubt stirring up the citizens to show him what would happen if the far right come to power. France in crisis of 2025 seems to be plunged into chaos, after the implementation of reforms as stupid as each other. These are the machines that have the air of deciding the dismissal of employees, the streets are filled without homes fixed and women dressed in niqab. The media and television fund, audio are ultra-present and anxiety-provoking. The democratic debate has gone and the only policy that emerges comes from the center (” neither centre-right nor centre-left, or the centrifugal “).

LONG LIVE THE CRISIS ! next is a choral film social, which the various characters, such as balls pinball, meet the favor of the plot. These meetings are obviously not credible, but they serve the purpose to address real societal problems related to the lack of money and the future of the French. Peeling-mixes: the damage of unemployment, young people who have no choice to live with their parents or into prostitution to live, housing issues, small pensions, or even gay marriage. These characters dormant become supportive of each other and take such an article of the civil code to grant rights. They are inspired by the writer’s humanist Etienne De La Boétie, the precursor of intellectual anarchism and civil disobedience. To strengthen the argument, the director was also considered useful to appoint as the poet one of his main characters (Jean-Marie Bigard, whose game is quite simple), adding a Montaigne of cheerful mood (Jean-Claude Dreyfus).

“Long live the crisis ! is a gloubiboulga of situations that are sometimes amusing, sometimes pathetic “

Because long LIVE THE CRISIS ! is mostly a film a philosophical and a poetic fable with the characters from Montaigne and la Boétie, of which the dialogues are sprinkled with quotes from two philosophers and incentive Carpe Diem. Tolerance, solidarity and mutual support that are indispensable for living together are given to the honor by the director, who reminds the viewer that we should make good use of it. The principles, moreover, are symbolized by the ability to live through the wine, the good food and the sex-happy that the characters share. The filmmaker, who has produced and shot several films X, has probably wanted to have fun since he sprinkles his film the situations and the dialogues a bit heavy.

But the stated purpose of the film, namely to want to make people laugh while raising awareness, denouncing a situation that is potentially dramatic and calling for tolerance, was unfortunately not fully achieved. Because in spite of the dialogues said by big mouths of the French cinema (Rufus, Dominique Pinon, Michel Aumont or Venantino Venantini), long LIVE THE CRISIS ! hand in too many directions, leaving the heavy impression on the viewer to have swallowed a gloubiboulga of situations that are sometimes thin and funny, sometimes grotesque and pathetic.


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Original title : long Live the crisis!

Realisation : Jean-François Davy

Scenario : Jean-François Davy

Main actors : Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Jean-Marie Bigard, Michel Aumont

Release Date : may 10, 2017

Duration : 1h32min
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