[critical] M Le Maudit (VOST)

In Düsseldorf, a criminal kills brutally the city’s children. The murders are so gory that the police and the mob join forces to find the assassin. The case leaves room for the terror and the people start to accuse them…

Release Date : 8 April 1932

Directed by Fritz Lang

Movie German

With Peter Lorre, Otto Wernicke, Gustaf Gründgens

Duration : 1h 45min

Original title : M

Today, always in association with MrDomainePublic, the Blog Of The Film offers you to (re)discover the cult film by Fritz Lang, M The Cursed

And as always, here are a few stories around this legendary film :

* This movie, which dates from 1932 was first censored with cut scenes and then banned by Goebbels, once Hilter in power. The filmmaker narrates in the book of Eric Leguèbe A Century Of American Cinema that Goebbels had used the sequences of M-The Cursed in a documentary building on degenerate art.

* The character of the murderer always whistles the same theme when he is going to kill a girl : this is one of the tunes of the grand suite for orchestra Peer Gynt by Grieg. This habit will betray him and do identify.

* The movie is inspired of a fact various. Peter Chooses would have killed for the first time at the age of 9 years then he would have embarked on a true series of murders a sadistic to 20 years in 1913, while marrying and bearing a look of bourgeois respectable. In 20 years, he terrorizes the city of Düsseldorf by the crimes particularly heinous, the police notes of the acts of vampirism, hence the nickname “vampire of Düsseldorf”. He was arrested may 14, 1930, and guillotined on July 2, 1931 for nine murders, three rapes and seven attempted murders. But its victims would be much more numerous. The sexual nature of his crimes, and the fact that it attacks not only young girls but also women and men has not been picked up by Fritz Lang in M, The Cursed.

* M-The cursed is the latest film by Fritz Lang prior to his exile. It still runs The Testament Of Dr. Mabuse in 1933. The director is exercising some influence on the Nazis, Goebbels asked him to take the direction of the German cinema, although he is a Jew. Fritz Lang refused and fled Germany where he runs now the risk of being arrested. After a stop in France where he signed Liliom in 1934 with Charles Boyer in the lead role, he moved to the United States where he will perform more than twenty feature films until the late 50’s, on which date he will return to Germany to finish his career.

* M-The Cursed is the first film speaking of Fritz Lang. The director passes this first test shot with a use of its very controlled. So it does not insert any music superfluous, the main one being the theme that whistles the murderer.

Have a good time !

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