[critical] MACHETE KILLS

Machete is recruited by the President of the United States to eliminate an arms dealer trying to send a destructive weapon on Washington.

Author’s Note


Original title : Machete Kills

Achievement : Robert Rodriguez

Screenplay : Kyle Ward

Main actors : Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Sofia Vergara

Country of origin : United States

Output : October 2, 2013

Duration : 1: 47

Trailer :

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The first MACHETE was a real and ovniesque breath of fresh air on the cinema of action. Tribute as much as parody, as passionate as derisory, Robert Rodriguez y assumed its role of sub-Tarantino brilliantly and a pleasure devilishly communicative. Thing promised during the end credits and now thing due this week is published before our very eyes the second pane, the delicious promise of second-degree crisp, and blood gringo.

You know what is said of the suites and MACHETE KILLS are an exception not the rule. Accumulating to the excess references to the first episode, showing a certain lack of breath (even at the level of the cast, De Niro, Steven Segeal and Lohan to Mel Gibson and Lady GaGa makes the whole thing much less attractive) and often lacking renewal. It would have almost been disappointed if this sequel was not jouissivement in the midst of what he was missing in the first episode, a true up in endianness.

While the first episode remained (relatively) wise, here, everything is pushed to the extreme : the special effects seem straight out of a Z-series made in Sy-FY, the murders are more ridiculous than ever, and the showers of blood digital we drown in a too-pleasant. And when the film is moving towards the space opera kitchissime to the Moonraker, it is very hard not to be swept away by this torrent of anything.

Or burrito, or enchilada, MACHETE KILLS remains in the background as an ordinary taco, cheap, nice on the move but hard to digest and leaving a bad taste in the mouth.

The top of the 69-year-old (and yes, already friends, I hope you age as well..), Danny Trejo continues to impress, pure mouth taulard like no more, he drags her sex appeal wild, oozing with testosterone and carries the film entirely on his shoulders, little supported by a cast little inspired. Aside from the busty Amber Heard and awesome Demian Bichir pure bastard jamesbondien the game a schizophrenic in the form of fireworks bloody, the cast never reaches the heights of the first episode. It remains dramatically impaired by a Mel Gibson uninspired, dragging without much conviction in his carcass aging in the mexican desert, boudiné in her costume silver man-in-space. And how not to regret the under-exploitation of the above-cited lady Gaga, sublimely idealized in femme fatale puncturing the screen.

In the end, I remain mixed on MACHETE KILLS, if he stays a nugget for the amateur series in Z and of second degree that I am, it is hard to repress a bitter taste. And if it was all just a scam? And if the accumulation of shots and choice of staging doubtful did not reflect simply a lack of artistic seriousness? And if the avalanche of references pop did not simply a lack of ideas to post first part? The remains weighed down by a sense of humor redneck and vulgar brushing more than once a bad taste worthy of a sketch of Bigard at the exit of the cinema I was willing to give him a 7, while I write this review, I feel more close to the 5. We will wait for the third installment, MACHETE KILLS AGAIN IN SPACE which promises to be simply fantastic, to get a true opinion on the matter. Or burrito, or enchilada, MACHETE KILLS remains in the background as a taco cheap, nice on the move but hard to digest and leaving a bad taste in the mouth.

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