Four years after the second part, Pierre Coffin & others strike back with ME, UGLY AND NASTY 3. But without getting to give momentum…

Fortunately, in the meantime, we had had the right to a spin-off with The Minions, who gave a carton, including in terms of derivatives. Given the success of the saga, Universal continues to exploit the seam with a third album that is still easy to delight younger kids, but a serious risk of tiring the adults… Gru is flowing now happy days with her sweet Lucy. Together they raised his three daughters : Margo, Edith and Agnes, and attempt to stop the super villains for a secret organization. Until the day when a new criminal straight out of the 80’s resurfaced and escapes : it is Balthazar Bratt. They are laid off and are looking in vain for a conversion. Refusing to become villain, Gru is dropped by minions who are bored firmly into this new life tidy. It was then that Gru discovers the existence of a twin brother hidden : Dru, its exact opposite. The latter reveals to him the past of their father and his secret cave, a legacy of which only Gru seems to be at the height…

If we find pleasure with all of the friendly characters that have made the success of the saga and his humor so special, this does not prevent the formula runs out of steam : it takes the same and start again in a logic of continuity in relation to the previous episodes but without any real evolution. Everything is fairly predictable and rather easy-it’s a shame. For example, as adorable as is the little Agnes with her stories of unicorns, it is surprising that the daughters of Gru have not grown compared to the previous episodes. Their issues are the same except that the one has of course added to that of the acceptance of Lucy as a mom and it is light enough. However, the minions still manage to snatch us a smile with their gags absurd. As for Gru, if we start to have done the trick, here’s a double dose with his twin brother ! In the French version these are also the two brothers who lend their voice : Gad and Arié Elmaleh, and it’s hard even to distinguish in their intonations. It is, however, the only novelty is successful in this opus, the two of them symbolizing of how humorous the idea of twins as a completeness. Such as the yin and the yang, one white, the other black, together they form a whole and complement each other in the opposition.

“In Me, Ugly and Nasty 3, we take the same and we start again in a logic of continuity in relation to the previous episodes, but without any real evolution. Shame ! “

The other novelty of ME, UGLY AND NASTY 3, it is, of course, the new villain : Balthasar Bratt. Costume purple with shoulder-pads and oversized, mid-length hair with a crest on the head, and mustache rocker, this is the height of the ringardise. Ex-heroes of a hit series in the 80’s, this last has never supported that everything shuts down net to him on the day that the teen pointed the tip of his nose and buttons with…If the original band could, at a pinch to seduce us out of Michael Jackson and his moonwalk, the rest is pretty pathetic. The scenario is, however, well paced and does not lack action, but the quality is lacking, the words and the story being quite flat. We feel that the writers have out the oars for we propose a super villain with gags very inspired and already almost as overwhelmed as him.What we will remember of ME, UGLY AND NASTY 3 so this will be the comedy duo composed of twin brothers in this quirky ambiance populated with gadgets, half-way between Batman (for the costumes) and James Bond (for the super pursuit in the city), which saves a little, as much as the minions version of “Bad boys” in prisoners, frankly, fun. For the rest, one is tempted to say that it would be a good idea to stop pulling on the rope and hold on to that third episode, even if it continues to make our children laughing !

Stephanie Ayache

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Original title : Despicable Me 3

Realization & Scenario : Pierre Coffin, kyle Balda, Eric guillon

Main actors :Gad Elmaleh, Arié Elmaleh, Audrey Lamy, David Marsais

Release Date : July 5, 2017

Duration : 1h30min

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