[critical] Moi Moche et Méchant 2

Having abandoned the super-crime and set aside its activities disastrous to concentrate on fatherhood and raising Margo, Edith and Agnes, Gru, and with him, the Professor Néfario and Minions, must find new occupations. While it is just starting to adapt to her new quiet life of a father of a family, an organization, top-secret, leading a relentless struggle against Evil on a global scale, comes knocking at his door. Suddenly, it’s up to Gru and his new teammate, Lucy, has the responsibility to solve a series of misdeeds spectacular. After all, who better than the former most evil villain of all time, could catch the one who competes to steal the position it occupied until recently.

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Release Date : June 26, 2013

Directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud

Film american

With Steve Carell / Gad Elmaleh (voice-VO/VF), Kristen Wiig / Audrey Lamy (voice-VO/VF), Benjamin Bratt / Eric Cantona (voice-VO/VF)…

Duration : 1h38min

Original title : Despicable Me 2

Trailer :

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Nearly 3 years after the 1st Me Ugly and Wicked, we find the world of Gru and his Minions, no doubt very inspired by the famous rabbids prevalent in the video games. The background of the previous album is perfectly respected : the characters retain their personalities and their spring comedy, the designs and the visual universe of the film is also similar, etc We regret possibly a slight lack of innovation and risk-taking, but it is clear that the formula is tried and tested and approved of the first episode works again perfectly.

Technically, if there is no dramatic development, however, it may visually note of the improvements on the rendering of materials, when compared with its predecessor, which is already quite successful even if it is still not of a level comparable to that of Pixar or some of Dreamworks. The French Illumination MacGuff, however, can make a copy of a very good bill. The realization remains balanced and effective and you can feel the affection of the filmmakers, the French Pierre Coffin and the american Chris Renaud, for all of their characters. For the anecdote, they are the ones (well, mostly Stone Coffin) that double the major part of the iconic Minions.

An excellent family entertainment, much better and better paced than Monster Academy released in the same summer period.

If it is not super-innovative, it will not be wrong with this feature-length animated film to not be funny. We laugh on a fairly regular basis in particular to the antics of the Minions but also to the various references that the film is peppered (it was daring parody of All-4-One in 2013, and this in the middle of a B. O. composed by the now bankable Pharell Williams). The budding romance between Gru and Lucy Wilde is also a vector humorous essential, and the whole wacky can be decrypted with several degrees of play, more or less adult and daring.

Forgetting a bit the originality, Me Ugly and Villain 2 did nothing wrong, quite the contrary ! It reinforces his sense of humor through the increased usage of the famous Minions and retains its reading at several levels, which pointed the tip of his nose in the 1st pane. As a bonus, without paying in the too “gnangnan”, the film allows in parallel of the moments that I think is cute (there is no spelling mistake here) between Gru and his little girls. An excellent family entertainment, much better and better paced than Monster Academy released in the same summer period.

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