By choosing as the entry point after the illness, rarely tackled in cinema, the most beautiful of Anne-Gaëlle Daval deals movingly a question more universal : the acceptance and transmission of the femininity.

Our interview with Anne-Gaëlle Daval

March 8 is the International day of the rights of the Woman and this is probably not a coincidence that the MOST BEAUTIFUL, the first feature film of’Anne-Gaëlle Daval, comes out this day. Rarely has a film been more reassuring to them. Through the course of Lucy, interpreted by Florence Foresti very convincing against the job, the MORE BEAUTIFUL encourages women to learn to love regardless of the hardships, psychological or physical that they have endured and it feels good.

Hardly recovered from breast cancer, Lucy has a lot of trouble to reintegrate into his life and even more to consider a romantic relationship. Under the influence of the gaze, and the words brittle from his mother, and in spite of the advice of a brother, a tender and reassuring (Jonathan Cohen, is perfect in different register), it is particularly difficult to give in to the advances of the charming Clovis (Mathieu Kassovitz). Fortunately, Lucy is going to meet an extraordinary person : Dalila – interpreted in a way that is dazzling by Nicole Garcia. Has his contact, Lucy will finally be able to become the woman she never knew how to be.

Through a simple and uncluttered, Anne-Gaëlle Daval was to put forward a story of a woman to which we can all identify with, and achieves this without question. The MOST BEAUTIFUL is of such an accuracy in the writing of his dialogues and his characters, that it appears impossible, in any case, for a woman, not to be affected. Of course, there’s the question of the disease that brings a dramatic dimension to the character, but this is not the subject of the film, the director used mostly as a pretext storyline to address the report to the body and femininity – without, however, burdening the general atmosphere. But beyond that, what woman has never asked about her femininity ? Whether in adolescence, romantic relationship, or as a mother, to mention only the most obvious, the self-esteem and acceptance of her body are issues that must. And in spite of appearances, none escapes it.

It is primarily for this reason that the MOST BEAUTIFUL is a film that is useful. Because it tells women that have the courage to tame their body (here in the middle of the strip-tease cabaret), learning to assume their femininity, they have everything to gain. In addition, through the relationship that Lucy interview with this mother-toxic which prevents it from hatching, and belittles at every opportunity, the director is addressed to all those who have not had the chance to find their mother, the model, or the support to be as a woman. It shows them that there are other paths, of other people you can learn femininity and that it is never too late. Like the wonderful Delilah for Lucie, some encounters benevolent help to heal the pain that carve the self-esteem and give courage to resume his life in his hand.

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The work story on the relationships between three generations of women (Lucy, her mother and her daughter) as well as on the sisterhood that often hurts by comparison, gives a real depth to about supported by the MOST BEAUTIFUL. The director does not merely address the femininity through the prism of unique and classic of the love relationship, but through the various elements that shape or impede it. Here, the love relationship does not play a catalytic role, but only to the engine, this is not it, which will allow Lucy to be revealed but it is going to encourage them to undertake this work on itself. Smart, Anne-Gaëlle Daval implies that the esteem does not depend on the gaze of the other, quite the contrary. It is very clear in the evolution of the character of Lucy as it is because she is able to love itself that it is authorized to engage confidently in a romantic relationship. If she finally dares to embark on the adventure, it is because she acquires a certain degree of confidence in it and do not risk placing themselves in a situation of dependence in relation to the vision that a man would give him of herself, and that could change over time… so far, the filmmaker takes a look lenient towards men, deceivers of which she tries to explain “the hidden face” with her likeable, to the point that we do fall, we, too, under the spell of Clovis…

Finally, the empathy for the character of Lucy reaches its climax in the relation established with her teenage daughter. Dismayed by what he refers to femininity emerging and already well-assumed of the latter, Lucy wonders about this that was passed and what it will transmit the image of the woman. To see it evolve and finally take his place to protect his daughter is literally upsetting.

Thanks to the precision of his writing, the sincerity of his project and the thinking matured as can be imagined, Anne-Gaëlle Daval sign so a very nice first film. Far from any claim of a feminist, it aims simply to reconcile the women with themselves while allowing the men to understand it better. Has the image of the valuable advice that Dalila gives Lucy ” be gentle with yourself “, the MOST BEAUTIFUL coats the women of kindness and courage and invites them to meet with dignity the head to enjoy life by playing with their femininity.

Stephanie Ayache

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Original title : the MOST BEAUTIFUL

Achievement & Screenplay : Anne-Gaëlle Daval

Main actors : Florence Foresti, Mathieu Kassovitz, Nicole Garcia

Release Date : march 8, 2017

Duration : 1h38min

• Interview of Anne-Gaëlle Daval
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