[critical] O BROTHER

Rhough for his opening scene is legendary, O BROTHER is worth a visit. Three prisoners, Everett, Pete and Delmar, escape, and fleeing through the fields of corn. Lulled by a folk music of the 1930s, one is struck by this display of colours and landscapes in the middle of which our three merry lads are a figure of intruders.

The words of Everett (George Clooney) “Damn, we’re in a tight spot”1 summarize alone the whole film. The three guys have 4 days to find a treasure, and avoid being caught up by the sheriff Cooley (Daniel von Bargen). The adventure is waiting for you, it rocks

The trio of thugs on the run provides. Between George Clooney in the leading eccentric, John Turturro in a fisherman half-repentant, and Tim Blake Nelson in fool, touching (the episode of the frog is tasty). The seconds knives will bring a touch of madness, which emphasizes the aspect of parody in the film. Michael Badalucco as a criminal maniac and Charles Durning as governor opportunistic pull their pin of the game in the midst of this profusion of actors.

The Coen brothers are chained to the scenes legendary. This is the sequence of the baptism in the river, the recording of a song by folk in a studio lost in the Mississippi, the crank who shot both cows that police officers or this cohort of prisoners who just made a small exit to the cinema to relax, the film does not skimp on the scene hilarious, and is reminiscent somewhat to The Big Lebowski in his antics.

“A movie like you see all too rarely, fresh, delirious, and with a backdrop to a narrative rich enough to not get bored for a single second.”

O BROTHER , it is embedded in the culture of the road trip trip, at the side of films such as The Darjeeling Limited and the process of Life, the next prisoner on the run in more.

In a highly detailed reconstruction of the Mississippi, which appealed to the most, it’s those musical interludes. In the end, it always comes back to folk, as it is sung by belles donzelles at the edge of the river, by a procession of catholics in search of absolution, or by the rabid of the Klux Klux Klan substitutes warming up the voice prior to the lynching of a black. He pace to the story and gives it its identity.

At the moment the film begins to falter in a scheme narrative a bit predictable, the Coen brothers him restore the spirit, to the point of establishing the last thirty minutes of madness, symbolized by a marriage rich in surprises and laughter.

O BROTHER is a movie as we see all too rarely, fresh, delirious, and with a backdrop to a narrative rich enough to do not get bored in a second. All the ingredients are synonymous with a good time for cinema.

1 “Damn, we’re in trouble”


Original title : O Brother, Where Art Thou ?

Realization : Joel Coen

Screenplay : Joel & Ethan Coen inspired by The Odyssey of Homer

Main actors : George Clooney, John Turturro, Tim Blake Nelson, John Goodman

Country of origin : United States, France, United Kingdom

Released : may 13, 2000

Duration : 1h46 min

Distributors : Buena Vista (United States), BAC Films (France)

Synopsis : In the Mississippi river deep, during the Great Depression. Three prisoners in chains escaped from the bagne : Ulysses Everett McGill, le gentil et simple Delmar, and the eternal grumpy Pete. They try the adventure of their lives to regain their freedom and their home. With nothing to lose, and united by their chains, they undertake a journey fraught with pitfalls and rich in colorful characters. But they will have to redouble their ingenuity to escape the mysterious and cunning sheriff Cooley, started in pursuit…

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