Madness Disney is not ready to stop. After having betrayed its own version of The Sleeping beauty in Maleficent, has delivered to the taste of the day Cinderella, The Jungle Book , and a soon – beauty And The Beast, the studio’s big-eared attacks the film PETER ET ELLIOTT LE DRAGON. Released in 1977, this Mary Poppins version of dragon needs to be dusted off, as the songs simplettes and the staging is very “musical” seem to be in our time completely obsolete. At the helm of this remake, which is once again evidence of a profound lack of inspiration and risk on the part of Disney, is the director David Lowery , whose film “Les Amants Du Texas may be telling you something. With a budget of $ 65 million, Lowery has, therefore, had the difficult task of making “so 2016” the story of Peter, this small orphan boy living in the woods. Having to friend a nice dragon, he made, among others, the meeting of Grace that will take care of him and discover that the creatures spitting fire really exist… much to the delight of his father who has always believed !

PETER AND ELLIOT THE DRAGON version 2016 plays heavily on the emotions. And it is, moreover, what makes its success. Hardly have we smiled at the second, which follows to get out the handkerchiefs, before you feel just after a sense of wonder or of fear. So we can’t blame lack of pace, as was the case in the 1977 version of which remains in this remake that very few of the elements : aside from the main characters (the child, the dragon, the young woman and her father), the story is mostly very different, while being more robust. The framework, for example, is no longer in a small coastal town with a strange name of Passamaquoddy, but rather in a place surrounded by a forest where it’s hard to see the boundaries. It is also very difficult to date this pretty little tale, as it seems timeless. In this sense, the fantastic operates all the stronger.

Of course, the older children will no doubt be a bit nostalgic reminiscing of the good to come to a boil of the Elliott of old drew it in pencil, but they will be so quickly seduced by the new dragon they will say for sure that they were finally not lost in translation. More realistic, he loses may be magic, but it is gaining in credibility. His greatness, his wings, his green color and his hair that we can imagine soft to the touch, make it beautiful and impressive, while the expressions of his face make him an endearing and delightfully touching. And it is in this that one finds that the developer has included in this story : looking at PETER AND ELLIOT THE DRAGON, it is absolutely necessary that the spectator has this great desire to have for friend a to be just as extraordinary. The sequences of complicity between the child and the beast rain down, in front of an audience increasingly fascinated by so much tenderness… but be stricken by the misunderstanding of Man’s destructive in the face of the beauty of nature and the generosity of the animals.

If the film sets the scene of the heads of well-known (Bryce Dallas Howard and Robert Redford in particular), it goes without saying that the actor who must embody the main character Peter has a vested interest in ensuring, because it is logically at the center of the plot. The orphan-like a little Tarzan is played by a certain Oakes Fegley, whose talent impresses and the boiling charm.

“As the characters in the film, it is necessary to get carried away, but above all believe in the unreal, in order for the story to become a fabulous adventure and magic.”

That said, by reaching out to all generations and especially the smaller ones, this version holds, therefore, its share of implausibilities and inconsistencies in the eyes of the ” big “. Even details certainly minimal, but that does not escape the viewer, lambda, could have been avoided. The film also has the right to spread good feelings to the Disney, and the little voice of self-righteous often heavy. Like many of his recent productions, in fact, the studio wants to pass on his (beautiful) message to green without, however, to actually go to the bottom of things. No doubt to avoid too much out of his consensualité is second to none. This, it must unfortunately add a superficiality evident in the treatment of certain characters; the “Villain” of the story, particularly.

But in the end, no matter when you look at a Disney, you know what to expect. As for the main characters, it is necessary, therefore, to be carried away and believe in the unreal, in order for the story to become a fabulous adventure and magic. And that of PETER AND ELLIOT THE DRAGON , in addition to prove to be terribly sweet and… larmoyante. A tip : do not believe too hard. You may, this night, dreaming of a getaway in the clouds with a big dragon who flies…

Yohann Sed

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