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Become an old lady, Philomena Lee tells her daughter a story she has long kept to it. In the Ireland of 50 years, after having been charmed by a handsome young man, she became pregnant. It is placed in an institution by his father, and under the orders of nuns that Philomena gave birth to a little Anthony. Three years later, this last is adopted by strangers and taken far away. By chance, the daughter of Philomena, Jane, crosses the path of Martin Sixsmith, a journalist cynical, who think keeping up with the story of Philomena , a very good paper a bit outrageous. With the old lady, he went in search of the lost child… Inspired by a true story and adapted from the book The Lost Child of Philomena Lee, PHILOMENA allows Stephen Frears to come back by the front door, two years after the disastrous LADY in VEGAS : MEMOIRS Of A PLAYER.

Family drama, comedy and English history of manners, PHILOMENA is all this at once, or even a little more. The story of this old lady who has removed her first child is here, perfectly told. Tender, touching and incredibly funny, the film is far from what we ever imagined. His pitch, though worthy of a tv movie aired in the week, is promising. What’s more, the scenario that we owe to Steve Coogan (MARIE ANTOINETTE, VERY BAD COPS), also interprets the cynic Martin Sixsmith, is approaching perfection. More accustomed to comedies to dramas, the actor of 48 years is not less brilliant. Modern Figure in a film turned towards the past, his character allows the viewer an anchor point.

Thanks to a scenario subtle and flawless, Stephen Frears directed, with PHILOMENA , a film with the perfect balance.

Yes, this reporter is cynical, but aren’t we all a little in the background ? Yes, this journalist is depressed, but would we not also, if we had lost, unfairly, to our work ? Yes, this reporter is impatient and a tad grumpy, but who isn’t ? Through this character a little quick-tempered, but which one can quickly identify the narration in the background is done in a way that can no longer be fluid. To such A degree that we don’t see the 98 minutes that make up PHILOMENA flow. No frills sound and supported by a mounting relevant, the film takes us into the far reaches of ireland and beyond without ever disorient.

Conversely a Philomena who prefer to take refuge in the story of his life to not see the world around him. Engaging and exciting, the old lady has a way of her telling the stories, the image of these summaries to extension that it does to Martin. Small in size, Philomena Lee, is no less a great lady. Faithful to its principles, she struggles to adapt to the situations she encounters. Naive but sassy, Philomena is an elderly lady that we would like to cross more often. To embody this character, atypical, Judi Dench (INDIAN PALACE, SKYFALL) gives background, we moved as rarely and we offers one of the best performances of his career.

Comedy and drama at once, without ever being a comedy-drama that fall too easily into the pathos and maudlin, and PHILOMENA made laugh and cry. The confrontation of this old lady coming from a modest background and this journalist, intellectual and bourgeois is fly and gives rise to dialogues more than memorable. Thanks to a scenario subtle and flawless, Stephen Frears directed, with PHILOMENA , a film with the perfect balance. A film that deserves its two awards at the last Venice film Festival and four nominations for the upcoming Oscars !

Philomena, an Irish having given birth as a teenager in a convent, has lost her little boy, adopted against his wishes and which it has never had new. On the day of the 50 years of the birth of his son, in 2002, she talks for the first time to the daughter she had later. With a journalist, Martin Sixsmith, she goes in search of his son.

Original title : Philomena

Achievement : Stephen Frears

Screenplay : Steve Coogan

Main actors : Judi Dench, Steve Coogan

Country of origin : United Kingdom

Output : 8 January 2014

Duration : 1h38

Distributor : Pathé Distribution

Trailer :

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