Qhat is better to start with the Champs-Elysées Film Festival that a small independent film u.s. (out of competition), which deals with a young teenager, Radford Miracle, that in the space of a summer, going from the status of adolescent solitary to that of pro ping pong ? If PING PONG SUMMER not revolutionize not the kind of family film, it nevertheless has the audacity to propose a new approach. Because yes, everyone has not the idea of transposing the problems of a teenager a little weird Maryland in the 80’s.

The film begins with a scene of the most absurd, in which Radford began to cook an egg in the microwave. If it can seem stupid from the outset, one is tempted to ask “But why this technique wouldn’t she?” The following scene will take place of answer… Very kitsch, the film plays on the card of the vintage, where the girls make us think of the Carrie Bradshaw from the series ” the CARRIES DIARIES, the prequel of SEX AND THE CITY. To this we add the costumes, or let’s just say, the clothing that the protagonists wear, as well as music full of bass, haircuts rather décoiffantes and a daily life devoid of the web, social networks or any means of communication “modern”. In addition to playing on the clash of modes of consumption, PING PONG SUMMER allows herself here and there to demonstrate that a friendship between a White boy and a Black has not always been easy. Nevertheless, this dimension of the film is never overdone or too serious. A good point.

If the movie does not shine certainly not by his cast – let’s be honest, with the exception of Susan Sarandon (CLOUD ATLAS), it is not aware of any other player, he has the chance to be raised by dialogues absolutely incredible. If the puns don’t make you laugh, it is not possible that the valves for the characters to throw at any end of fields do you not at least smile. Like when he is asked the big sister of Radford, an adept of a style close to the gothic, if it is not in a lack of vitamin D, or if it simply does not need a blood transfusion.

“A very good entertainment.”

With the backstory, the clash at the summit between Radford, the new guy, and Lyle (Joseph McGauthry, CAPTAIN AMERICA : THE SOLDIER WINTER), the rich kid that is already well established, PING PONG SUMMER will, from time to time, play and above all thwart the codes of comedy and drama. Thus, the loneliness of the main character is eclipsed by the introduction of his friend Teddy (Myles Massey) and the money problems of the family Miracle come to remind us that, even in the summer, sometimes it is necessary to look at the expense. Light and serious at the same time, PING PONG SUMMER is a very good entertainment where we laugh out of the bickering between brother and sister, and moments of embarrassment caused by members of our family. If the film is not exceptional, and sins here and there by a few lengths, it is still very funny.


The champs-Elysées Film Festival 2014

Original title : Ping Pong summer

Achievement : Michael Tully

Screenplay : Michael Tully

Main actors : Marcello Conte, Susan Sarandon, Lea Thompson, Joseph McGauthry, Myles Massey

Country of origin : Eats united States

Released : July 16, 2014

Duration : 1h32

Distributor : Potemkin Films

Synopsis :The Summer Of 1985. Radford Miracle and his family faced in their suitcases in Ocean City, Maryland for summer vacation. Young teen lonely but friendly, Rad is obsessed with ping-pong, hip-hop… and Stacy Summers, popular girl on which he has flashed upon his arrival. Sports poor, poor dancer and a priori little flirty, this summer will be yet the his : that or he’ll earn his nickname of Radical Miracle.

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