With the subject of the original, Rent Me ! has a heavy potential for comedy that it does but barely.

The basic concept of RENT-ME !, first feature film of directors Coline Assous, and Virginia Schwartz, arouses the curiosity because original. Really existing in Japan, it boils down to the rental of the two heroines, the main for all types of services. If there is anything sexual in there, they are both counselors, marital, daughter-in-law ideal or sensing balls at Tennis. Job that allows them to develop a whole art of the lie, especially in the main role played by Déborah François , who are made to believe her parents she is a lawyer. The two directors show in the sense that the lie is not necessarily pathological, but using here the main character to build, and using then out of naivety, or just because it is easier to lie than to tell the truth. Takes place in this film a sort of “Who is that ?” size, where each character plays on his looks to keep his secrets.

It is in this that lies the real positive point of this film, as a whole, is full of good ideas, but unfortunately not sufficiently exploited. The initial concept was very quickly shipped to the service of a love story without too much relief, galvaudant any ambition of starting, endorsing, any means of providing the unusual. And what’s more, becoming predictable because of the characters if little put to the test. Wanting to put the emphasis on the romance, it encloses the potential comedy of the story in which the basic concept was a real engine to feed the comedy. And it is a pity, because there is a true background in RENT-to-ME !. The main character has of the contours of interest, which reflects a real desire on the part of the filmmakers to put in scene a young woman fully inscribed in our time, evolving in a universe that conveys the real. She has her friends, her freedom, and her fears, her worries love or his plans ass. 27 years old, lack of benchmarks, it is looking for a place in society. There is a certain amount of reverie and innocence around this girl, illustrated by a few small touches of fantasy that allows us to walk in his imagination.

Déborah François has taken to heart his character, and this is reflected on the film. It forms also a pretty complementarity with Alison Wheeler whose presence is constrained by the plot in love then that a larger investment would have been able to bring all the freshness, the novelty and the humour is that it lacks in movie. The real moments of breath from during the animated sequences by Gad Elmaleh lived in his role, his brother Arié, Kev Adams (also the film’s producer), and Bernard Menez. In sum, big figures who, by their mere appearance, arrive to give a grain of surprise, and of laughter, in spite of this strong impression to witness a parade of guest stars. In the end, PRAISE ME ! is a movie enough put away taking too little risk, but who, by his few good small finds, remains promising for the future of the two young directors.

Yohann Sed

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Original title : Rent Me !

Production : Coline Assous, Virginia Schwartz

Screenplay : Coline Assous, Virginia Schwartz

Main actors : Déborah François, Alison Wheeler, and Marc Ruchmann

Release Date : July 5, 2017

Duration : 1h29min
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