[critical] Project X

Then they seemed to be previously melt into the mass, three high school students decide to go out of the anonymity. In appearance, their project is rather harmless since they intend to organize a party memorable. But nothing could have prepare them to the evening that they are going to live… The rumor spreads so quickly, while the dreams of some collapse, the school’s results of the other fall to the ground, and legends are forged…

Author’s Note


Release Date : march 14, 2012

Directed by Nima Nourizadeh

Film american

With Thomas mann, Oliver Cooper, Jonathan Daniel Brown

Duration : 1 h 27 min

Original title : Project X

Trailer :

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“A night to enter in the legend,” says the slogan of the film. He forgets to specify what kind of legend he is talking about. Let’s not mince words, Project X is an abomination.

To want to play the card of the ” true “, ” documentary “, Nima Nourizadeh forgets that it is first of all a movie and not a fantasy dud of a screenwriter frustrated.

The film is produced by the director of Very Bad Trip. Some elements of the latter are present in Project x : big mess and a hangover. But there where Very Bad Trip brought originality and humor (even fat), Project X does more than the minimum. Don’t search for the beginning of a beginning of a scenario, it is not. High school unpopular organise a party to become popular. Final Point. Ensues an hour of pretty girls uninhibited, alcohol, and dwarves.

The treatment of the characters is not more detailed than the scenario and is to be paid in addition to the luxury to be full of stereotype. Our three “heroes” are not exceptions. Thomas is a concentrate of kid clueless, Costa, whose language consists of placing a word having a relation with the genitals to each sentence (sexual frustration when you hold us…), and JB, the little big almost silent, head of the Turkish Costa. The treatment of the fairer sex would be enough to give heart attacks to feminist movements. The ladies are reduced to their most simple expression : be beautiful and shut up about you ! Bare breasts, suggestions of sex scenes, dances, alluring, everything. Project X is transformed into clip rap long version.

Let’s move to the biggest problem with the movie (yes there is worse), the camera ! To make it even more ” realistic “, the onboard camera was mandatory. But if some films have the decency to keep a certain stability and a certain professionalism, one of Project X gives just nausea. Wrong settings, shrugging when there was no place to be, the camera moves as fast as the pace of the evening. Epilepsy, refrain. Much more than a board camera must be explained by the scenario. If Chronicle was already struggling to make use of the latter to be credible, Project-X is simply just a ” you stay with us and you do any filming, it’s going to be awesome ! “. So, welcome to the cameraman ” Dax ” (blogger known across the Atlantic).

But as not everything is necessarily bad, it must be acknowledged that Project X quality : its music. With titles such as Pursuit of Hapiness, or Heads Will Roll, artists such as Benny Benassi or Snoop Dogg, the soundtrack is full ears. Failing to let them see, the film lets itself pleasantly heard.

Small anecdote to finish off : the neighborhood that served as a decor that is already used for another film. On the other side of the house, Project X, is the house of a certain Roger Murtaugh (lethal Weapon). I understand why, coming out of the rooms, I said to myself “I’m too old for this crap…”

Failing to let them see, the film lets itself pleasantly heard.

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