Thirty years. This is the time that it took for Ridley Scott to return to science fiction since Blade Runner. The director thus returns to his first love and the genre that it will be made known by signing with PROMETHEUS , a sort of “prequel that isn’t a “d’Alien. A science-fiction film inspired by the mythology of the Alien directed by Ridley Scott, as much as to say that fans of the genre were waiting like kids waiting for Christmas.

And here it is ! Finally ! Two hours of science-fiction, monsters, and anguish. No doubt, this is the daddy ofAlien who is at the controls. Both say right away, visually speaking, PROMETHEUS is a slap in the face. Whether on the ship or on the famous planet, every scene is so realistic, it’s rare and never ceases to tickle the imagination of a viewer permanently elsewhere.

Exit the fear caused by the first images of the film, where we saw the main actors in hideous combinations blue, the digital world is past by there, and we could not even see another color. Also, it was necessary to it to identify our explorers in the decorations very grey. To the grassy plains, we will return to later. The walls of the vessel are permanently white, and the planet’s rocky, well-dull. Regardless, it is in space and the important thing is what is there.

From this point of view the bestiary is particularly provided. If in the saga of the Alien is not merely that of an ugly beast and his mom (not to mention the cute baby in the fourth movie), PROMETHEUS book, a lot of critters not really friendly. The snake in the octopus passing by ” our creator “, our friends the earthlings will have something to occupy the mind.

Speaking of spirit, the fans ofAlien will not be disoriented. If Ridley Scott denies having made a prequel, but rather a ” movie based on the same mythology “, it held that PROMETHEUS has several points in common with his model. Android, Weyland, more winks, more or less accentuated, are addressed to amateurs of the monster with the long tail. The film did not provide multiple answers to the questions left by the original saga, but also brings its own set of issues.

“The film does not lack to bring several answers to the questions left by the original saga, but also brings its own set of issues.”

And this is where may be the small, less of the film. If the scenario is well-crafted, it is no less incredibly complicated. Of (too much ?) many twists and turns punctuate the narrative. If most are agreed and, without real surprise, it does not remain about it less than this makes things quite confusing. By dint of wanting to bring the viewer in several directions, Ridley Scott takes the risk of creating a history a bit ” too much “. An effort of simplicity would not have spoiled the content of the work, far from it. Some elements of the story to be highly dispensable.

As regards actors there are good and bad. If Michael Fassbender plays the android, without a false note, Noomi rapace is definitely a permanent part of these heroines énervantes. As we don’t imagine Alien without Sigourney Weaver, as PROMETHEUS can imagine without Noomi rapace. Fault not the actress, but the character. The decisions and actions of Elizabeth Shaw are also courageous, as other incredibly incomprehensible. If she raises several issues, only one returned to me frequently in mind : “But why are you doing this ?? “The level character annoying, she is not alone in this mess. The “sublime” Charlize Theron has as much utility as an iPod for a hearing-impaired. Hard to be a heroine of our days.

Fortunately, these defects are amply compensated, and PROMETHEUS is still a sci-fi movie how we would like to see more often. We bet he will be entitled to a suite ?


+ PROMETHEUS : trailer viral

Original title : Prometheus

Achievement : Ridley Scott

Screenplay : Damon Lindelof, Jon Spaihts, Ridley Scott

Main actors : Noomi rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba

Country of origin : United States

Released : may 30, 2012

Duration : 2h03mn

Distributor : Twentieth Century Fox France

Synopsis : A team of explorers discover a clue to the origin of mankind on Earth. This discovery leads them on a fascinating journey up to the darker recesses of the universe. There, a confrontation terrifying that will decide the future of humanity awaits.

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