[critical] Radiostars

Ben is also well in full failure professional that sentimental : he who dreamed comic in New York is returning “empty-handed” in Paris. He then encounters Alex, the co-host star of a morning on the radio, Blast FM, the Breakfast club. Alex is surrounded with Cyril, a forty-something woman poorly assumed, and Arnold, the host popular of the band. Ben is hired to write sketches. But it was then that a tidal wave shakes suddenly the station : the hearing of the Breakfast club is in free fall. The radio then sends the band criss-crossed by bus routes from France to reclaim their public…

Author’s Note


Release Date : April 11, 2012

Directed by Romain Levy

Film French

With Manu Payet, Clovis Cornillac, Douglas Attal

Duration : 1h40min

Original title : Radiostars

Trailer :

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Away from the 11 Commandments of which he has been involved in the writing, Romain Lévy carried out here his first film about a team hosting a morning radio show called Breakfast Club (no doubt a reference to the movie of the 80’s John Hughes). Introduced by the new entrant in the team, Ben, in a leading role shiny for Douglas Attal, son of the producer of the film, we find ourselves directly in the atmosphere of a radio “young” soberly here called Blast FM, but that recalls of course a lot of the Fun Radio or other Virgin Radio with their morning college and festive.

We enter the film as they fit into a bunch of mates. Has the image of the character of Ben is a little embarrassed at the beginning. We do not understand all the ins and outs of all these characters : an irascible Clovis Cornillac-in-chief, a very fun Manu Payet at his sides and a high-in-color Pascal Demolon animate how rock-star a little megalomaniac THE show radio. And then any switches, the team has to pay for his megalomania by making a bus tour in all of the bleds of France. And there, in the same way as Ben, we get back in the merry band during a trip we made with them through the camera. The actors ring true : they do not exaggerate, nor in the potacherie or in the drama when some times more serious happen in the film. If I was expecting a game quite suited for Manu Payet I liked the delivery in the Book VI of Kaamelott, I was pleasantly surprised by Clovis Cornillac, which I was rather accustomed to average benefits or inadequate in recent times.

A simple film of friends and simple French comedy about a road-trip, we are dealing with a movie simply designed to have a good time.

Moreover, and this is the subject of the movie, we laugh a lot during Radiostars. The replicas are well felt but are less one-man-show that some of the big French comedies of the recent past. The theme lends itself also probably more and less offset given that we are concerned here to show radio prepared and written down. The valves are sometimes irreverent, but did not spare anyone. I’ve read here and there that it appears this film to Almost Famous (Almost Famous – a road trip also) or Good Morning Vietnam (THE film on the radio with excellence) : I’m not sure that this may ultimately be the best comparisons to make. Radiostars takes certain qualities but he is clearly more enjoyable in the end that these two films (and no doubt less well-led, technically also).

Because the trick of Radiostars, this is not to make THE film but to make THIS film. Do not worry, let me explain : at a time when the French cinema can hit with The Artist (and all its technical qualities, its price, etc.), we also know that the popular comedy such as the Untouchables or above the Arnacoeur can just give the smile and function without artifice enormous technical, but based on sympathy and the consistency of his cast and his screenplay. Halfway between comedy positive that I have just mentioned, and the film of friends whose technical quality may vary in a range of Four Boys Full of Future Good Morning England (the spectrum is very wide as you can see), the highest quality of Radiostars is to put the potato and smiling at the viewer, without artifice unnecessary, but with an alchemy obvious. A simple film of friends and simple French comedy about a road-trip, we are dealing with a movie simply designed to have a good time.

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