[critical] REALITY

 RÉALITÉ has all of the UFO film. Story impossible to summarize, scenario perilous to analyze, conduct, convoluted and preposterous, the truth is elsewhere. Quentin Dupieux invoke David Lynch, psychoanalysis and surrealism to feel the pangs of the creation. Halfway between fascination and skepticism, the viewer is let ourselves get carried away in a story without the ass or head. The quest for meaning is secondary, only the trip fun, with his characters barred and its many deviations.

Jason, a cameraman on a cooking show, has a movie script insane: human beings succumb to the rays emitted by the tv serial killer. Excited by his pitch, he offers to a producer immediately packaged. Only one condition : Jason has 48 hours to find the cry that kills and as well sign the contract.

The idea of starting dépareillera not in the filmography of Quentin Dupieux. Poor Jason (Alain Chabat) must scramble to find a mirage, the cry perfect that will convince the producer that will change his life. The quest for the cry that kills everything from the mirror to the alouettes, on the pretext to look for something new. Who will be able to judge the groan ultimate, the bellow perfect? The cry becomes a metaphor for the creative process. How to find something that already exists ? Horror movies are full of screams, moans, expressions of atrocious suffering. How to make the ever seen when everything has already been done ?

Reality intertwined skillfully with a gallery of characters without any apparent links for the members to meet and interact. A little girl who finds a video tape into the entrails of a boar, a teacher who dresses up as a woman, a cameraman fool mesmerized by his crazy dream of glory, a producer hyperactive, a presenter who is scratching frantically because of her costume of rat. Their stories meet surreptitiously while Jason looks for his famous scream that kills. Spine of the film, it is accompanied by a music repetitive stressful, Philip Glass (Music With Changing Parts). Mr Oizo abandons his turntables and focuses on the realization, we won’t find the pieces of techno German of Wrong Cops. Nor his sense of humor. Reality is not a joke mad, rather an attempt to go further than the movies lambdas.

REALITY has all of the UFO film. Story impossible to summarize, scenario perilous to analyze, conduct, convoluted and preposterous, the truth is elsewhere.”

The film of Jason becomes a film within a film within a film, mise en abyme of the image, and nightmare’s ultimate for his little finite mind. The characters become caricatures and the viewer is invited to rise above the scenarios linear usual. Quentin Dupieux ‘s all mixed, add a little non-sense and delivers a film completely shifted. I confess not to have found the key to this scenario of drawers, but maybe not-there not. Single account this diffuse sense of being completely dropped. Viewing becomes an experience, that I don renouvèlerais personally not. The surprise can quickly turn into distrust, I do not want to move to this step.

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