ROSALIE BLUM, the first feature film from writer emeritus Julien Rappeneau (in The name of my daughter, Cloclo, Faubourg 36, 36 quai des Orfèvres, etc….), is a little gem. For a quick test, we can say that it is a master stroke and it is primarily in this this movie is amazing : successful, accurate and clever. It is then by its scenario, its realization in the form of a triptych and his cast, in short, ROSALIE BLUM is a surprise from beginning to end. Thanks to a clever mix of humor, tenderness, and suspense, the director, and the play of his actors, carry us, literally, in this singular adventure adapted from the graphic novel (COMIC) of the same name by Camille Jourdy.

ROSALIE BLUM this is the story of three people (Vincent, Rosalie and Aude) profoundly different in terms of their history and their temperament, but which have in common the fact of being at a standstill in their life. All three are so mired in the sadness of their reality that they have come to find this normal and will meet. This resignation, this immobility in comfort as fake as the protector led them to lead a life as solitary as devoid of interest. Until the day where the chance (or fate) decides to entwine their paths to get out of this torpor and bring them back to life in a way that is fun and intriguing. Needless to learn more, this would remove the film one of its charms, the main of which is the discovery at each stage, at each bouncing, a distinctive setting and scenario is unpredictable, for our greatest pleasure.

Julien Rappeneau has written, or to adapt the characters effectively and choose a cast in his image : human, sensitive, conscientious and knowing how to mix the different registers with talent. In the role of Vincent Machot, Kyan Khojandi, discovered in the series of Brief on Canal +, sign his first major film role and the fact of how really touching. At the same time a little left, glued to a mother’s ultra possessive and castratrice (interpreted by a Anemone in full form and so funny), it arouses an empathy immediately. First you are a sensitive and compassionate towards him, towards this dedication to his mother (even if it leads the life). And then it attaches to that individual who is, ultimately, as so many of us, lacking the courage to make things happen, by fear or lack of self-confidence. The trigger for the change will be his chance encounter with Rosalie Blum, he will decide to follow secretly everywhere, trading its dreary habits to the exciting spinning a woman who arouses in him something fascinating. Through this character she interprets formidablement, Noémie Lvovsky, well known also for his talents as a producer (Camille rewinds, feelings), delivers here a performance of sensitivity, restraint and delicacy. Very mysterious, moving and fun, she plays with a lot of accuracy and intensity-a Rosalie Blum who convinces us. Finally, the lovely Alice Isaaz, definitely very present in the French cinema, despite his young age (The cream of the cream, In may, do as you please, A moment of bewilderment, Son…), it illuminates the film for its freshness and natural sound from his tour to bring a bit of dynamism and of balm to the heart in the sad routine of Rosalie. Its instinctive side and a bit of a rebel and corresponds perfectly to the role of Aude, a young girl totally inactive, both by lack of focus causing it to vibrate, but also by lack of support or trust of a family of which she is excluded, and feeling totally misunderstood.

Among nice supporting roles, two are especially notable in that they symbolize the spice to the film by offset and humour. This is Sara Giraudeau in girlfriend overexcited and Philippe Rebbot in roommate totally crazy, as hilarious as the other one.

“ROSALIE BLUM tells of how extraordinary the lives of ordinary people, and it is without doubt that which is good”

As for the choice of turn – of-province (in Nevers) in a few places, but repeatedly, with a light sweet enough, this has helped to create an atmosphere that is familiar enough and it sinks in quickly from this city that you seem to know. Has all points of view, the realization is so controlled and every time there is a fear of falling in a pitfall (slow, excess, ease), Julien Rappeneau caught us by skilled pirouettes, holding the rhythm and the mise en scene. The soundtrack, particularly successful, is not at rest, and confirms that everything has been well worked up to the smallest details. The very beautiful original melodies (composed by the brother of the director, Martin Rappeneau) underpinning the plot and the intensity of the story with coherence and strength where the pieces additives (in particular “Get me Away From here I Am Dying” by Belle & Sebastian, played by the graceful Luna Picoli-Truffaut) reinforce the intimate atmosphere and unique film.

We could at last unburden himself on the psychology rather thin characters, but this would be to enter in details that you would deprive a part of this enjoyable thriller. It will suffice, therefore, to issue the opinion that, like many films that come out now and meet the success with the public (The Cow, the Taste of The Wonders) it draws its strength in the telling with optimism, the story of simple people, sincere and authentic to which one can identify here and there. Similar to the poetics of the Fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain, ROSALIE BLUM tells of how extraordinary a slice of life of ordinary people, and it is without doubt that which is good. They sailed surprise, surprise, it is invariably with a smile as we leave this film as a humble and intelligent.

Stephanie Ayache

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