Remake of the comedy cult ofIvan Reitman, S. O. S. GHOSTS is a perfect example of this category of remakes expressing a respect for their elders, and wishing to impose themselves as worthy heirs. The ambitions of the project are obvious, he is not to resume a script in its broad lines, and you bring a different view, or even use the bases for a universe to expand and enrich its mythology. No, Paul Feig has completed a specification different, asking him just to tell again the formation of a team of ghost hunters, to build up his film with the same path and the same pace as the original from 1984, with the main word order, the discovery of new gags, and new replicas percussion. We may regret in a first time, this choice of simple refresh and the find lazy, not ambitious or mercantile ; however, it is necessary to consider the adventures of this new team S. O. S ghosts, it is about the programme that it offers.

Compared to the multitude of blockbusters topping the stakes, drama and destruction and dantean, the movie Feig has all the chances to go for a half-portion, a simple snack between two giants at the box office, so that it fits yet in a franchise with a reputation and once successful. But this status of entertainment, second-order spinning fast enough to benefit the film, and who gains our sympathy by posting your feel-good allowing us to forget the disappointments of successive caused by the recent blockbusters and barnum promotional. In the name of comedy fantastic, what motivates Paul Feig seems to be clearly the word comedy ; therefore, it is to appreciate the film for its ability to make us laugh, or simply smile at us with its rhythm punchy and his enthusiasm for the events that befall the protagonists.

The director/screenwriter and his four trumps comedy outweighs our membership thanks to the recipe of the classic american comedies made by the talents of Saturday Night Live, namely a cocktail of several types of humor, of the situation comedy of the absurd by spending a few daring schoolboy, each strategically placed in scenes in scenes in order to avoid that none of these springs is still going strong. Of course, depending on their tastes and cultural references, each viewer is more sensitive to a type of humour that other ; but it is clear that the Ghostbusters managed to find a balance in the employment of its forces to be humorous and that the union of the four huntresses of ghosts gives a true sense of collective energy. The awkward Kristen Wiig, the tempestuous Melissa McCarthy, the exuberant Leslie Jones and the coolissime Kate McKinnon , each with their place on the screen, and require each of their humour and their rough edges endearing. Even the fool happy Chris Hemsworth has the right moments complicit with the public, in giving us the evidence that Paul Feig respects each member of the team, lets every clown in their circus side-splitting appear with all the madness that he wishes, while remaining the master of his number, without becoming the scapegoat or the foil of another.

“This is a vision pleasing to the expression of personalities in a common project. “

But if the comedy is cleverly put forward, it is unfortunately to the detriment of the dimension of fantasy that requires the license ; not that the others, ghostly apparitions have been forgotten when writing, but their on-screen representation clearly lacks of charm and strangeness. The installation of a mythology in the original movie, led by an artistic direction, baroque and creatures disturbing as the androgynous Gozer, Paul Feig has preferred a bestiary with flashy colors, who had escaped from an episode of Scooby-Doo or a video game for children. Treatment cartoon of these special effects betray the will appeal also to a younger audience than the nostalgic memories of the first time ; but this imagery prevents at the same time to the film to find its figures iconic, his fingerprint aesthetic. This visual aspect fade is all the more regrettable that he would have been able to serve the interesting use of the decoration and the atmosphere of new york (the art deco hotel, the parade of giant balloons).

Then of course, Ghostbuster remains an entertainment, calibrated, and there are mechanisms in common use, leading to the plot up to this age-old climax where an antagonist overkill triggers a vortex in the middle of the city ; but this time good pick, it falls on the protagonists really atypical and endearing, unlike other teams of the summer (follow my gaze, gentlemen of in DC Comics). This is therefore a vision of encouraging the expression of personalities in a common project.


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