Le world series animated for an adult earns through Netflix a little gem of humor crazy ! It is close to the humor of Seth MacFarlane with American Dad for example, but more trashy and subversive. The series takes place in a world where both humans and animals and anthropomorphic live side-by-side. BoJack Horseman is a horse that has had success with a sitcom fictional 1990’s, Horsin’ Arround. It embodied by his main character, had to raise and take responsibility for the education of three young children.

Today, on the steps while he tries to find the celebrity with an autobiography written by his ghostwriter, Diane NGuyen. BoJack juggles between a life of debauchery and friends often bulky : Princess Carolyn (a pink pussy) in turn to his girlfriend, his ex-girlfriend and his agent, Todd Chavez (Aaron Paul), who lives with him and considers him to be her roommate, and Mr. Peanutbutter (a golden retriever), his friend and enemy at the same time, heroes of a sitcom in the same style and at the same time as BoJack, but he, having always successful.

This series focuses particularly on the trials and tribulations of Hollywood after celebrity; a study of morals relentless, where no environment is untouched : the world of agents, publishing or even the actors… all in take for their grade.

This is where the success of this show. We are shown a other Hollywood and it’s good ! Real criticism of the world of showbiz by the infallible weapon that is the humor. Here’s his secret.

Raphael Bob-Waksberg doesn’t hesitate to show us, then, our hero smoking, drinking and abusing other substances hallucinogens. The episodes are beautifully written. We love to see our heroes try to re-surface and it even takes a perverse pleasure when it fails bit.

BoJack still hold a grudge and cultivate his bitterness is mulling over his success from before. It is as if he continued to live in the past while being aware that the show is definitely over. He also believes that his life is so exciting, and his autobiography will be a best-seller because his lifestyle is fast-paced and should be a model for others.

“A small gem of humor, smart and crazy !”

The stories of BoJack depict the glory as fleeting and ephemeral; it is difficult to become famous in this environment. His character appears as being more intelligent than it seems – the series plays on the stupid and smart at all levels. One of the memorable episodes of the penultimate, where (SPOIL) Bojack, not content with the first version of his book, trying to re-write the latter in the grip of a frenzy of drugs, leading to a new experience and eye-opening… While the last episode takes place some time after the delivery of his biography, and marks the beginning of a new celebrity.

First not of Netflix in the sitcom for adult. Success for my part. This character of BoJack is so endearing that the whole universe that revolves around him is tainted by his disillusionment, his side disillusioned. In the end we are pleasantly surprised and we look forward to this season 2 – SHIFT : Netflix program for the July 17, 2015 !

Netflix recommends Archer after the viewing. I will come back soon on it.

The generic title belies the series


Original title : BoJack Horseman

Showrunner : Raphael Bob-Waksberg

Main actors :Will Arnett, Aaron Paul, Amy Sedaris and Alison Brie

Country of origin : USA

Released : August 22, 2014

Duration : 12X 25 minutes (1 season)

Distributor : Netflix

Synopsis : Featuring acclaimed a sitcom of the 1990s, BoJack Horseman now lives in Hollywood, and rejected of all, and complaining of everything.

Article written September 28, 2014

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