Pread difficult to bridge the waiting, to ensure the succession. After strong promises for a season, which proved to respond brilliantly to the challenges imposed, season 2 of HOUSE OF CARDS had the difficult mission to be able to maintain a level of quality very high. After a whirlwind opening, a style imposed, a narrative power extreme, can we ensure a continued decent without falling into mimicry ? Do better (or at least just as well when you have delivered such a first season), without a singer, is it possible ?

The response is immediate and the wait is unnecessary : yes ! Bluffing, caustic, intense, this season of HOUSE OF CARDS blow your mind once more. A caveat is necessary : the refractory to the first season will get here the point of salvation. More than a simple copy, this second batch of episodes is, in effect, a logical consequence is always imbued with his distinctive style. Season two is not connected, therefore, not to its cause to a new audience (or an audience disappointed) but will shore up its base of fans of the first hour.

So why sum of us seduced by a simple stretch in length to a story that has already been told ? And this, in the same vein and the same style ? Well, simply, in a general way, because that HOUSE OF CARDS knows how to use the green solid that it has put in place. Learn to delight in what one has done, to assume his legacy, this season knows how to do it. Never not turn in the pale copy.

The season, which is presented to us this year is a prime example of this renewal is conservative. As early as first-episode and control, the season, laying the foundations of a novelty, which bears its origins. We find from the first moment on the story where the had exactly left : without concern or questioning, the story picks up its exact course. Intricacies, intermingling stories, the complexity of the sub-stories, the extreme narrative power characteristic of the series is immediately found and imposed. And this, in addition, on a pace even more strong and intense as the first season. A whirlwind of dialogues breath on this first episode magisterial and lays the concrete foundations and solid for the upcoming season. Always rich, subtle, and finely written dialogue we are plunged immediately into the bathroom and bloody that is the series. Here we are again immersed in the middle of the piranhas. One is overwhelmed by this atmosphere so characteristic, and it is again left to drown for our greatest pleasure.

This season two surfs, therefore, on the basis of the known. There will obviously be a special care taken to the realization. Each episode is licked, mastered, and aesthetically still solid. The tab feature is always present and allows you to always better we feel on familiar ground. Between the photo and the plans perfectly framed, it’s all there. Visually flawless, the series always captivated as much by its sweet slap in the graph. Feverish, magnétisante, attractive, the aesthetic is always so fascinating.

What remains equally fascinating, it is, of course, the casting. It is not necessary to dwell on Kevin Spacey, who is always excellent, awesome, fierce and charismatic. His performance unraveled when the criticism of the first season is of course just as valid and relevant today. But, that changes this season, it is the position of Robin Wright. Paralleling season one, here it becomes an important part of the success of her husband. It becomes a real ally, which turns out to be even more cruel, and his role is now completely redesigned. The stories about them merge with the heart of the history major and not without away more as it was the case in the first season.

“Still as rich, subtle, and finely written, the dialogues we plunged immediately into the bathroom and bloody that is the series.”

In addition to bringing together a cast perfect, the series succeeds so install characters continue to be strong and charismatic. It has good tools, but he still must know how to use it. This season proves that the writers have quite figured this out. However, as for the first season, a little soft during the episodes of mid-season is to denote. The writers, however, have not learned the lesson. The first episodes are indeed breathtaking. The latter are powerfully extraordinary. But… It only fills ! There is always an interest of course, but the story stretches pointlessly and loses a little pace. But understand that this is not catastrophic. It is necessary well to quibble a little bit and try to find defects.

The radius of the defects, one could also then citing “the enormity” of the story. Great fresco of the design huge, the critique of history is an easy target. How can I believe this ? Is it really possible ? Does it not matter simply to an exhibition of the fantasies of the writers ? And fantasies rude ? Here are a few reflections and questions that could be understood easily.

But HOUSE OF CARDS, despite some of the profanity, has the merit of having a personality and we take you behind the scenes of the policy. Then of course, the coveted position by Franck Underwood is a little big, but the presentation of political relations and of the microcosm that represents it is no less true. We indeed find this delicious game of macabre manipulation which is a delight both intellectual and purely enjoyable. A game of massacre and counter-always serviced by the thoughts diablesses and sharp as the main character, we address again in the face of first-person camera.

A bit like when I always give my opinion. And I’m talking about what I know best : me.

I always tell my life, you really thought that I had forgotten and that I do speak not ?


Welcome Back.

Seasons : 2

Number of episodes : 13

Format : 55 minutes

Date of 1st broadcast, US : February 14, 2014 (Netflix)

Date of 1st broadcast FR : 13 March 2014 (Canal +)

Original title : House of Cards

Creation : Beau Willimon

With Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara

Synopsis : Frank Underwood, a shrewd politician, and old veteran of Washington, is ready to do anything to conquer the post “supreme”…

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