[critical] Shoot em Up

Smith would never have had to be there, and yet, in full shooting, it helps a child to be born and the saves from a band of killers. Him, dark and violent, is found to protect the most innocent. The new-born is the target of a mysterious power determined to erase any trace of its existence thanks to the formidable Hertz and his army of assassins.

While clashes are increasingly lethal, Smith can count only on itself and on DQ, a prostitute, to save the little one. The couple must try to uncover the secret of the child in remaining on the good side of the balls…

Author’s Note


Release Date : September 19, 2007

Directed by Michael Davis

Film american

With Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti, Monica Bellucci

Duration : 1h30min

Trailer :

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While the adjustments to the universe of geeks (heroic fantasy, comic books, video games, anime…) pounding on our big screens, movies with budgets less than pharaonic (albeit) are inspired by it greatly to the default of not having a big license strong to exploit. This is the case of Shoot’em Up which, as its name suggests is a action film fast and decerebrate full of Heavy Metal. Before we continue, a little explanation for non-insiders to the industry of the video game : “Shoot’em up” literally means to ” go Down the all “, it indicates a category of games where the sole purpose is to destroy everything that comes on the screen. The most famous example of this genre of games is Space Invaders. If the genre remains today in Japan, it is in America that we borrowed for the film.

Has the image of the shoots, therefore, The film of Michael Davis pulse from one end to the other. Exit the scenes of exposure and / or scenes explanation ! A birth ? A sex scene ? See, that is no reason not to do a shooting at the same time ! Besides, what is nice is that you can do anywhere : in the toilets, in cellars, gloomy, warehouses, kindergartens and even in the clouds. The cascades is rain of bullets, endless are not without reminding us of the masters of the genre such as Johnnie To and in particularly John Woo and his Was foolproof. Hey yes, a baby in one hand and a gun in the other, it does not remind you of anything ? In short, it is delusional, unlikely, but it is a lot of good to the nags.

At the center of the plot, a new born, then that does not cease to cry as the sound of the guitars of Heavy Metal. For the protected, a strange gunslinger unknown camped brilliantly by Clive Owen. Mr. Smith is not very talkative but is the king of firearms handling and rearing of rats. At his side Monica Belluci brings a feminine touch – that is to say, a pair of breasts – and does it well on the poster. To combat the anti-hero tramp goinfré carrot, it was this former profiler maniac in the guise of one Paul Giamatti completely crazy. Between these 2 men, exchanges muscled are suddenly large calibre and a package of valves more or less good (the signs, fireworks, etc.).

If the hour and half past to see the 85 drop dead like flies under the fire of a famous unknown does not seem pleasant to grandma, she probably will appeal to any fan of video games and/or a fan of action film in the Die Hard. It is unpretentious, it is not taken seriously, and it can be drunk at any time. We had not seen a film like this for some time and it doesn’t hurt anyone, why deny it ?

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