[critical] Shrek 4 – It Was A Late (IMAX 3D)

After defeating an evil dragon, rescuing a beautiful princess and the kingdom of his parents, that can still make a ogre smelly and badly licked ? Tamed, quieted, Shrek has lost until the urge to roar and regrets the good old times when he sowed terror in the kingdom. Today, such an idol fallen, he is happy to sign autographs at tower arms. Too sad…

It is then that the clever and devious Tracassin offered him a contract. Shrek suddenly finds himself transported into a parallel world completely crazy, where ogres are hunted, where Tracassin is king, where Fiona and her beloved does not ever encountered…

Shrek will he succeed in thwarting the spell, ironing boards on the other side of the mirror, to save his friends, restore his world and reclaim the love of his life ?

Author’s Note


Release Date : June 30, 2010

Directed by Mike Mitchell

Film american

Duration : 1h33min

Original title : Shrek Forever After

Trailer :

The Cinema Pathé Ivry inaugurated on the 29th of June his new room with theIMAX 3D. A good news knowing that some rooms are currently equipped with. Finally a room at the cutting edge of technology on the outskirts of Paris. So we were able to attend the screening of Shrek 4, It was an end in 3D technological conditions finally optimal.

Indeed, for all those who already know 3D, you’ve already noticed all the problems related to this special effect is still poorly mastered (difficulty to focus, blurry, double image, jerkiness during fast movements, etc). The 3D sometimes annoys so much that it is difficult to follow the film.

TheIMAX 3D is unquestionably of a great quality : the image becomes clear and pure (thanks to the process of theIMAX , which enables a higher resolution), the 3D is sometimes impressive. In short, the immersion is total : we can be surprise to really startle or blink when we have really the impression that an object is approaching us too much.

Shrek 4 we prove that, in these precise conditions, that it deserves, in fact, the 3D : these fictional characters come to life, we can admire the purity of these limages synthesis, which textures are worked in with a detail mind-blowing. This quality of work associated with theIMAX 3D made this film a true spectacle.

It is a pity that the firm Pathé makes this moment very difficult because of their rooms constantly over-air-conditioned : it was nice to be full, we are struggling to warm us.

Those who had laid down their jacket will come out unscathed, others may unfortunately come out with some sneezing. It was not always obvious to take advantage of this magical moment in conditions as little bit ideal.

This new room, large, with a screen impressive, therefore, is to provide advice to all those who wish to be reconciled with the 3D… if you think of your jacket !

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