[critical] SIN CITY 2

Always inspired by the graphic novel of Frank Miller, always directed by the author above quoted, and the native zombiphile of” Alamo City “, Mr. Robert Rodriguez, SIN CITY 2 : I Killed For It (” Sin City : A Dame to kill for ” ) is, unfortunately, too close to continuity of Sin City. While the film has not marked the spirits during his exit to US, presented yesterday at Deauville, here he arrives on our screens on the 17th of September.

City z & Kane

As for the first opus, the realization is intended, in part, heiress of a genre, the “Film Noir” american : the voice-off, the characters are solitary, prostitution. But, Rodriguez, a friend of Tarantino also imposes the same tics as his spiritual brother. We found, for example, the scenes of the sword in strong spurts of blood, inherited from the Hong Kong cinema, and japanese.

Whereas the first film surprised with its originality, SIN CITY 2 feels a little warm. Using and abusing of the same effects as its predecessor, there are filters for black and white and colorful images, the détourages colored on black and white images. Short, black, white, a little color, little originality.

Consistent with the spirit of the graphic novel, consistent with the first episode, in line with what we expected… Too consistent, the film loses itself in its own routines. Hard to innovate when one has already revolutionized with a first film. Unfortunately, for this ” simple suite “, between the two chapters, nearly ten years of cinema have passed. We would have loved to see reinvented. Side scenario, it is a pity that the emphasis have been put on the action. The voice-overs leave us at least enter the head of the people, in their psychology. The story adapted is less effective than the plot of the first.

“Fag City : the smoke killed me “

I would like to remind that I have no action in the lobby and anti-tobacco-

The photography of Sin City 2 signed Rodriguez, as for the first installment is to die for, very close to the cinematographic genre that it mimics. The black and whites are perfectly bonded, which is not always the case of the air on the digital effects and gobo digital is very controlled . Any time the heads operators have loved the swirls in the cinema. Any time a “little” bit of mist made up for an absence of decor, transcended the light giving a dreamy effect. And then, the film noir, it is a bit like that : a lot of against-days on windows, a very graphic work on light, shadows and a cendars never far away, because ” it’s class “. A little is good, once a plan is too much ! Mist of a train, cigarette smoke, vapors from the soil, and so on, more than a simple gimmick, it quickly becomes unbearable. We would like to at least be able to see the head of the characters.

1000 Terminals

The woe of Sin City is that it was preceded, it has been almost ten years now of his first opus. The film gets lost in its own imitation.

As for the smoke, it revolves around gimmicks which become exaggerated : it seems to me, without having counted, that near to a scene four is a sequence of car, topped or not an off-voice. I loved the beautiful american, I am more ” Jessica Alba with replicas well felt “, “Cadillac El Dorado “. It was beautiful loved the film noirs, to take all the shots and push them to their climax was not a requirement. Some redundancies abusive become almost comical. Josh Brolin has, for example, the art of going through the windows : to punch, to kick of the gun, you can bet that his parents were certainly not the glaziers.

The advantage is that, by dint of cramming, SIN CITY 2 becomes a good lesson of cinema : “Smoke + Car + Voice over =” Film Noir “.

Violent Women

Not of punk music in this movie, not that much more parity. Considering the title of the comics, we would expect to see a development in-depth female characters. In the end we found a minority member of the female cast. The main ones being the gang of péripatéticien surarmées already seen in the first film, Nancy – Jessica-Alba – and-Ava – Eva Green -, and to complete the field background, even a few prostitutes who make up the numbers. Blackmail sexual, stip tease and a big guns from the beginning to the end, the women are treated fairly macho and cartoonish. Yet a cliché quite common in films noirs. Nothing amazing in terms of Rodriguez that it would be wrong to direct a comedy sentimental about the midlife crisis of a business leader in New York. I pass quickly over the few scenes of gratuitous violence, bringing narrativement not much to the film : cracking of fingers to the clamp, and whatnot. I can already hear saying ” yeah, but that’s Sin City “. Ok, guys, you’ve probably right… From my side, I would have liked to work on a violence more stylized, a graphic work further, some of the ideas that pass by the suggestion rather than the rawness.

Casting wild ?

Whereas the first film was to fall to the side casting, and seemed to bathe in a certain youth of spirit, the James Dean, SIN CITY 2 is downright trolling. The replacement of Clive Owen for Josh Brolin, in the role of Dwight, leaves me speechless – looks like my grand-mother . Respect the history Dwight was actually supposed to have a different face, a pity that he lost in expressiveness. Less charismatic, less effective, less fair, he still has the eyes to cry, finally… almost two.

“In keeping with the spirit of the graphic novel, consistent with the first episode, in line with what we expected… Too consistent, the film loses itself in its own routines”

For Bruce Willis, it comes to make up the numbers. Jessica Alba, between his few lines, must surely prepare, with the rushes, a next DVD of striptease soft. We want to say : “Stop dancing Jess’, familiar with, made a thing… “. It is a shame to under-use a talented actress, a few moments of depression centered around the character of Hartigan we can prove it. When to Lady Gaga, she deserves an award for having served to be on the trailer and to “commit” the most stupid of the film. I’ll let you make account by yourself, and of its final outcome.

So who can we save ? Joseph Gordon-Levitt, clings to the furniture. He portrays brilliantly the character of Johnny, a poker player who crosses the road of senator Roark. Eye mischievous – a single, sometimes, for him, air provocative, it dose its role perfectly. From the top of its thirty-three years, the young teen “Ten good reasons you drop” has now matured and seems to be carved out to play the private, the cops Dark Knightiens, mobsters, and all the heroes of the great period of hollywood cinema of the studio. Back, Powers Boothe is not unpleasant in senator Roark. It really sticks to the job. A game very “old school” that works perfectly.

Eva : I would kill for you

It seems clear that many of the things I dislike in this sequel of Sin City. So why be stayed until the end ? As you say that the answer to this question frieze even less objectivity than could have been trying to pretend the rest of my review.

It is these sequences which will remain forever engraved in the memory of the cinephile that I am-trying to be – by their graphical aspect of a great plastic beauty, by a composition of framework to fall, by a(e) comedian(ne) perfect(e). Eva Green out of a swimming pool on a background of a full moon could well be of those moments suspended which vibrated the souls – poet Friends, follow me on Twitter-. With these sequences of nu water, we feel the promptings of the kinetic art and photos of Man Ray, we’re finally experimental cinema dadaist, expressionist. You say ” something will survive Sin City 2, ever ! Someone, too, and it’s you, Eva ! “

The beautiful, having had little time to prepare, would have asked for gum cellulite through the digital, she confided to the magazine IT. No matter what, Eva, plunges, envole-moi !

As she said in the “Jimmy Kimmel Live ! ” on ABC, the first Sin City is very beautiful. “This is not vulgar, or indecent. “It is surely a little for that thatEva Green has agreed to incarnate Ava Lord. A Femme Fatale whose main weapon handling remains the body.

After having played the goddesses for the fighters in spain in the sequel to 300, here’s Eva Green in the job that suits him best : the charm, fatalism, femininity. She will be Femme Fatale or will not be. ” My husband talks too much “, she says in the film. She is married ? And that is its only flaw. But the error does not exist, does it not, only to be corrected ? Witches torturing their men, from Burton, she knows. Eyes revolver, a heart-shaped mouth, Ava warms the heart. Eva goes above and beyond, cold and deadly. “Blood -sex – and tears “, a heroin black is born. I have not entirely lost my day…

Original title : Sin City : A Dame To Kill For

Achievement : Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez

Screenplay : Frank Miller

Main actors : Eva Green, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Josh Brolin, Bruce Willis, Powers Boothe, Rosario Dawson

Country of origin : U. S. A.

Released : SEPTEMBER 17, 2014

Duration : 1h42

Distributor : Metropolitan Filmexport

Synopsis : In a city where justice is powerless, the most desperate demand vengeance, and criminals, the most ruthless are pursued by militias.

Marv wondered how he did it to fail in the middle of a pile of corpses. Johnny, a young player, unsure of himself, arrives in Sin City and dares to confront the most fearsome baddie of the city, senator Roark. Dwight McCarthy saw his last face-to-face with Ava Lord, the woman of his dreams, but also nightmares. For his part, Nancy Callahan is devastated by the suicide of John Hartigan who, by his gesture, has sought to protect it. Enraged and broken by grief, she does not aspire to satisfy his thirst for revenge. She can count on Marv…

All will gather at the famous Kadie”s Club Pecos de Sin City…

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