[critical] Sin City

Sin City is a town infested with criminals, cops ripoux et de femmes fatales. Hartigan has sworn to protect Nancy, a stripper who has fallen in love with. Marv, a marginal sharp, but a philosopher, goes on a mission to avenge the death of his one true love, Goldie. Dwight is the guy secret of Shellie. He spends his nights protecting Gail and the girls of the lower districts of Jackie Boy, a cop rotten, violent and uncontrollable. Some have a thirst for revenge, others are looking for their salvation. Welcome to Sin City, the city of vice and sin.

Author’s Note


Release Date : June 1, 2005

Directed by Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller, Quentin Tarantino

Film american

With Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba

Duration : 2h03min

Original title : Sin City

Trailer :

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Based on 3 graphic novels named Sin City by Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez co-directed the film with Miller himself to create the adaptation, the most loyal one ever seen on the screen. The least that we can say at the end of the session it is that the aficionados and neophytes alike in the universe of Miller will take full eyes.

Sin City is, in a word, an earthquake. From the beginning to the end, its graphics stylized, sexually suggestive and soaked in blood are a delight for those who are willing to submit to the test. More than a simple interpretation based on the graphic novels, Sin City is, very pretty much, exactly as seen on the frames panelled in the original work of Miller, turning them almost storyboard of the movie.

Visually, Sin City is absolutely amazing. Shot primarily in front of green screens, this film is the same example that we can create a world with this method without a soul, while maintaining the same excitement that any polar size. Here, the point of plan impersonal, everything was finely orchestrated to take us in a universe of metaphorical dazzling. The film in black and white dotted with color to give life to the emotions is one of the most beautiful erected to this day in the cinema.

On the side of the scenario, we can’t ignore the face, Sin City sets the scene of the simple stories of bullies far from complex, but it should be taken more as a call of the desires of the most primal of the imagination of men. The women are scantily-clad or naked, the men are simple and difficult, and everyone is ready for action. The film and the stories are heavily anchored in the world of film noir of the 50’s.

The cast of Sin City is too large to discuss on a case-by-case basis but Mickey Rourke provides wonderful the show with Marv, this gross, thick, heart of artichoke, at times lost, Benicio Del Toro is amazing in flic-rotten to the core, who, despite his premature death, remains annoyed by the character of Clive Owen. Their relationship is by far the most succulent of the film, bringing a lot of replica worship. Elijah Wood buries his role of wise Frodo to that of a killer cannibal methodical and cold, Rutger Hauer is still there where you do not expect, Rosario Dawson tantalizes the public with the role of the devil in nylon stockings… every actor present on the set brings that little extra that makes all the characters believable and charismatic.

A veritable bath of rejuvenation for the genre, Sin City is a work of a rare energy that you never tire of watching and re-watching. A timeless work which will make date in the history of cinema in the same way that 2001 a Space Odyssey, a clockwork Orange, Metropolis or Citizen Kane (on a much smaller scale of course), leaving its claw through the decades.

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