[critical] Skin Walkers

Two gangs of werewolves are informed by the moon that an ancient prophecy will soon be fulfilled. A young boy named Timothy, who will soon celebrate her 13 years, is not aware that this anniversary will mark his transformation. Timothy was raised by his mother Rachel, his grandmother, his uncle Jonas, his cousin Katherine and the boyfriend, Adam. Rachel and her son don’t know that the rest of the members of the family are good werewolves who watch over Timothy since his birth. Timothy, born of a union between members of two gangs of werewolves, will determine the fate of the family: Varek, Zo and Sonya, the leaders of the gang opposite who celebrate their condition and their thirst for blood, are willing to kill to preserve their lives, and determined to find Timothy, which they see as one of their own.

Author’s Note


Release Date : 2005

Directed by Jim Isaac

Film american

With Rhona Mitra, Jason Behr, Elias Koteas

Duration : 1 hour and 50 minutes

Original Title : Skin Walkers

Trailer :

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The myth of the loup-garou is a recurring theme in the fantastic cinema from the origins of movie monsters (The Wolf Man by George Waggner) until today, for better (the Howling, The Werewolf of London), but also for the worse (The Werewolf of Paris and a host of others); This time, the myth is transposed in the american west, and this is the opportunity for the director, Jim Isaac (to whom we owe the fun Jason X in particular), to try to stand out by taking the advantage of playing with the indian myth of the Wendigo. The western atmosphere permeates all the film even offering the viewer scenes that are purely “westerniennes” such as the concatenation of the sequences that shows the arrival of the bad guys in the typical small town and the clash to guns will, a gunfight nag and exciting

The bad guys also, let’s talk about that a little : if they look and everything in the staging, the iconisent pretty good, the sauce has a tendency to fall back when the leader of the pack appears to the eye of the beholder as a small twink that it is hard to believe that it can impress anyone. But anyway, nothing serious, the real drama of the film is not really there but rather in his lack of pace a bit tiring (this is only my opinion, it is true) that therefore, in spite of a pitch-based admittedly not very original, but always full of promises, tainted the pleasure taken in front of the show. Please note that the film is not stingy in gore, and its special effects, like the artistic direction of the film is sufficiently cured to retain the interest of fans…

Skin Walkers arises, therefore, as a B-series fantasy and horror that will surely not have a lot of memories in the history of horror cinema but which must not be considered as a purge : in fact, Skin Walkers is typically the kind of film to enjoy with pizzas in an evening between friends… it’s entertaining, well-groomed, and it is already huge by the time that run !

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