[critical] Skyfall

When the last mission of Bond goes wrong, several undercover agents find themselves exposed worldwide. The MI6 is attacked, and M is forced to relocate the Agency. These events undermine his authority, and it is challenged by Mallory, the new chairman of the ISC, the committee in charge of intelligence and security. The MI6 is now under a double threat, indoor and outdoor. It remains to be M a only ally, trust to turn : Bond. More than ever, 007 will have to act in the shadow. With the help of Eve, a field agent, he embarked on the trail of the mysterious Silva, he should identify all costs the objective secret and deadly…

Author’s Note


Release Date : October 26, 2012

Directed by Sam Mendes

Film American/British

With Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem

Duration : 2h23min

Original title : Skyfall

Trailer :

The James Bond series celebrates 50 years and demonstrates with Skyfall, that it is decidedly a franchise full of resources. Once is not custom, the boldness will be coming producers. The effort started with Casino Royale. In the form of prequelle, we find ourselves, then, the british spy with whom he is agent 00 ; James Bond before 007. The shift is radical when producers recruit Daniel Craig. An actor muscled in the game, gross, perfect to embody the passion of the young agent. The british actor is a far cry codes, quasi-unanimously accepted theActor’s Studio. It is more blood, without intellectualization outrageous ; James Bond is a body a true, an embodiment in which one believes. With Casino Royale, James Bond’s character becomes bruised, having its own internal conflicts and gaining in thickness. The icon archaic and simplistic James Bond disappears to become a real movie character.

So far, we know the music, each installment of 007 is summarized in a digression on a series of constraints, the invariants that we always take as much pleasure to find : “My name is Bond, James Bond. “the James Bond girls, the vodka martini, the Aston Martin, the gadgets of Q, and so on. It is in these digressions, in the embroidery surrounding the canvas known to all and is so comfortable that each episode is its specificity. Unfortunately, even the most brilliant exercises of the saga remained of the pleasures fleeting, quickly digested. With Skyfall, James Bond has finally become a great film. What he lacked in 007 ? A great filmmaker.

A priori, Sam Mendes is not the man of the situation, the author psychologisant and critical of american society, it has never rubbed in the action movies. The man knows his limits and has delegated the action scenes (also very successful). The director is focused to pass between the drops of the code. The James Bond Girls, shipped (the usual drag heavy the little phrase, forgotten) ; gadgets, minimalist ; the scenario geopolitical, traded for a tragedy œdipienne within the MI6. Nor iconoclastic, nor falsely respectful, Sam Mendes was amused by his character and finds the right balance between continuity and the supplement of soul. The issues are frankly unprecedented for the franchise.

If there were to be only one of the whole saga ? We crierions Skyfall !

James Bond, spy infallible, accusing usually a bullet impact in the chest with a vague grin, is here confronted with a malfunctioning body. This is the opportunity for the filmmaker to shoot an officer less lonely seeking confidence in a team. Sam Mendes pushes the boundaries transgressive through the trio formed by James Bond, Mr. and the wicked (camped by Javier Bardem, once again masterful). The nice and the bad ? Two orphans collected by the MI6, in the person of Mr. (surely for M– era of substitution), to take two paths are radically different. The film then becomes almost a family drama. The two terrible children will have to compete for mother’s love. Sam Mendes even comes to question the inquestionnable, the sexuality of the spy (foot of the nose against the manhood any hair way Sean Connery).

James Bond is a giant leap forward thanks to Sam Mendes. Supported by the wonderful Roger Deakins (In Time, No Country For Old Men, The shawshank redemption, …), 007 even an achievement worthy of the name with the stage, and an image is sublime (the art direction vintage is also excellent).

The gesture started with Casino Royale is its sublimation. After 50 years of common life, Skyfall allows us finally to make the acquaintance of James Bond. The spy has never been so human and incarnate in particular, through a mirror great made possible by Javier Bardem (the scene of the encounter in a fixed plane is fabulous).

If there were to be only one of the whole saga ? We crierions Skyfall !


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